While in “lockdown”, Elisabeth Schilling searched for a way to promote participatory, yet safe, art to inspire and connect people all over the world who found themselves in mutual solitude. As such, “Invisible Dances – Art in & around Lockdown” was created to join artists and audiences without them necessarily meeting in the traditional sense.

“Invisible Dances – Art in & around Lockdown” is a dance piece that invites the audience to experience art in a new and creative way. Appropriate to individual local social distancing regulations, it seeks its place in public space and transforms streets and squares into stages. The unannounced performance takes place at night, when people are asleep, to surprise, stimulate and guide them the next morning with its colourful traces. This new piece combines dance and visual art in a poetic, playful and hopefully inspiring way for many people. The aim of this work is to bring dance and culture directly back to city centres.

The project Invisible Dances takes place in many cities around the world between September and December 2020 and is organized and performed in collaboration with local artists. In times of partially closed borders and a retreat into the digital world, we create new international connections through visible-invisible art.


When will the Invisible Dances be shown in your city?

Support local independent artists by commissioning one for just 250,00 €.

Contact Elisabeth for more info: dance@elis.sehrgerne.de


Concept / Rights: Elisabeth Schilling

Management: David Lawson

Texts: Roísín O’Brien

Translation Texts English: Moritz Gansen

Translation Texts French: Sarah Rock

Design: Annick Kiefer / Studio Polenta


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