HEAR EYES MOVE – group work with live music. Published soon.

Invisible Dances: Art after Lockdown – a work developed for the specific times of COVID – 19 we find ourselves in. Touring Europe from August onwards.


Press & Audience Voices

Sketches on Ligeti

‘We were strongly touched by the tight, intimate collaboration of live piano an body in motion. Not only is Cathy Krier’s rendering of Ligèty’s music an asset for the show to come, but her sheer physical, highly concentrated presence on stage adds to Elisabeth Schilling’s round and well considered, poetic, yet clear and readable dance moves. We consider the project to associate both talents to be a plain success.’

Sketches on Ligeti

‚These first choreographic research results are promising. The harmony and interplay between Cathy Krier and Elisabeth Schilling is already at a very high level.’

Sketches on Ligeti

‚We had the pleasure to guest a two weeks residency of Ms. Shilling in our studio last June. I was really impressed by the concept of her «Mosaikgleiche Augenblicklichkeiten, Skizzen zu Ligeti» and the severe work that she did on the performing aspect of it. I specially appreciated the refined conceptual relation between the very complex and rigid piano score and the open, even though surprisingly precise, movement pattern. This is why we decided to present the Ligeti project in our next autumn programation.‘


Working with Elizabeth Schilling on bringing FELT to the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, was one of the most creative and joyful experiences of my working life. The performance in the evening was absorbing, emotional, thought provoking and truly beautiful. Elizabeth combines an intellectually rigorous approach to her research with an ability to fluently communicate her ambition and intention for the piece. (…) Elizabeth puts audience experience at the centre of her performances, her ability to gently and beautifully engage with her audiences is impressive and is incredibly helpful in breaking down the barriers normally associated with contemporary dance, which can only support audience growth and development for the artform. This is especially evident in her approach to post show conversation which creates a safe space for discourse.We are extremely fortunate that an artist of Elizabeth’s calibre is happy to work with us in Scotland and I very much look forward to our next adventure together.’  Jan McTaggart, Interim The Byre Theatre Manager St Andrews


‚Mesmerizing, very intruiguing!’