Officially launched in 2022, the Mat Iech Program has celebrated over 40 performances and events in Luxembourg, the Greater Region of Luxembourg and the UK up to date:




20-24th April 2024 – Tour

20 April – SERVIOR, MS Centre Geenzebléi, Wiltz, 15h00

20 April – Trisomie 21 Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l., Betzdorf, 18h30

21 April – Fondation Pro Familia, Düdelange, 2 performances, 15h00; 16h15

22 April – Maison relais inclusive, Niederkorn, 9h45

22 April – Croix Rouge, Don Bosco, Luxembourg City, 16h00

23 April – Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf, Mersch, 17h00

24 April – Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, Bertrange, 11h00

24 April – Le Département Jeunesse la FMPO, Maison Saint Martin, 16h30 ⠀


 13 October 2022 – Tour:

09 October – SOS Kannerduerf Mersch

09 October – Centre thérapeutique Manternach

10 October – Two School Performances, Trifolion Echternach

10 October – Servior Um Schleeschen Echternach

11 October – School Performance, Trifolion Echternach

11 October – Servior Belle Vue Echternach

12 October – Kinderheim St. Paul, Synagoge Wittlich

13 October – Hospice civile in Echternach


PRISMA Tour 2023


4th October 2023 – Arlene Anderson School, Scotland

3rd October 2023 – The Byre Youth and Community Arts, St Andrews, Scotland

2nd October 2023 – Episcopal Church Hall, St. Andrews, Scotland

30th September 2023 – St. Andrews Botanic Gardens, Scotland

29th September 2023 – Rothes Halls Youth Theatre, Scotland

29th September 2023 – BYCA premises, St. Andrews, Scotland

28th September 2023 – Yvonne Grey School, St Andrews, Scotland

28th September 2023 – Cosmos Centre Primary School, St Andrews, Scotland

27th September 2023 – Kaimhill Primary School, Aberdeen, Scotland

26th September 2023 – Gilcomstoun Primary School, Aberdeen, Scotland

25th September 2023 – Fusion Dance, Aberdeen, Scotland

25th September 2023 – Care Home Fergus, Dyce / Aberdeen, Scotland

25th September 2023 – Skene Primary School, Aberdeen, Scotland

23rd September 2023  Westbank Care Home, Aberdeen, Scotland


For every performance, Elisabeth and team create a specifically designed workshop structure, which can be adapted for people of different experiences and ages. Often of an interdisciplinary nature, the workshops can be flexible in terms of location and length of time. 

SIXFOLD workshop

FELT workshop


In order to make the broad layers of a choreographic work accessible to our audiences, to document the process, but also to give a voice to the artistic team, Elisabeth and team create publications along with performances: 

HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti – Catalogue

This trilingual catalogue accompanying the project HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti includes Welcome words by our co-producing partners, three commissioned texts and two commissioned poems. The three texts are by musicologist and Ligeti-specialist – Jean – François Boukobza, dance & music scholar – Stephanie Schroedter as well as by dancer and writer – Roísín O’Brien. The poems are by Luc Spada and Nathalie Ronvaux .
This publication designed by Studio Polenta contains also the reproductions of photography made by Bohumil Kostohryz.