Elisabeth’s has taught numerous workshops and classes for students of all ages and levels internationally for institutions such as 3-CL Luxembourg, Dock11 Berlin, Clod Ensemble, Sweetshop Revolution, Anu Sistonen Dance Company, ProDanceLeeds, Scottish Dance Theatre Creative Learning, Skolen for Moderne Dans, Copenhagen, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Sasha Waltz & Guest Kindertanzkompanie, PERA University Cyprus, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, London Contemporary Dance School’s youth company SHIFT, SEAD Salzburg, University of Plymouth, Youth Dance Birr, Ireland, Weymoth College and VHS Wittlich amongst others.

Her class aims at preparing an articulate, attentive and curious body to move with individual instinct through precise alignment, flow of weight, use of time and dynamic playfulness. By introducing exploratory tasks as well as set material, the positive and energetic environment will encourage you to discover your body’s full potential through facility, strength, efficiency and a creative mind. The class will furthermore invite you to enhance your perception of yourself and others in order to open the space for a powerful visceral experience.

Her student’s comments on her teaching:

‘Eli’s classes promote a calm and investigative environment. Her honest teaching and endless giving and effort make you work hard to discover new things from her and in yourself.” Charlotte McLean, dance student, 20.

‘Elisabeth is a passionate artist and a lovely teacher. I had the pleasure to attend her classes where she was able to create a nice and warm atmosphere. Thanks to her guidance all participants could explore how to move in different and new ways, could enhance their ability to relate to others and found new ways to express themselves following their own reasons to dance.’ Barbara Forte, dance student, 42.

‘A welcoming and inspiring atmosphere where you can experience articulation through the whole body, explore your physical limits and discover new ways of moving.’ Millie Daniel-Dempsey, dance student, 22.

“Elisabeth’s classes are innovative, inspiring and always enjoyable. She worked with us to develop a broad toolbox of different skills and ideas which enable us to fully explore our body’s range of movement and style when improvising.” Taylor Han, dance student, 18.

‘I enjoyed seeing you demonstrate the things you wanted to highlight and how you were positive in your observations about peoples work. This was a real joy for me to witness as it indicates a true sense of appreciation of others and empathy within you. This, for me, is key to the difference between a good dance class and a truly rich, resonant and rewarding learning experience through dance which is what I was privileged to be part of in your class.’ Dawn Hartley, Head of Creative Learning at Scottish Dance Theatre.

‘I spent about 4 weeks with Elizabeth doing improvisation techniques. I found her lessons extremely effective and relaxing. She is a fantastic teacher who helped me drastically with my confidence. Her calm, yet rewarding attitude helps you relax and let go. Fantastic classes!’ Jessica McIntosh, dance student, 17.

“She’s a great teacher and I always loved going to her classes.’ Ceri Silva, dance student, 7.

‘Elisabeth pushed our daughter in technical elements of ballet without dampening her enthusiasm and passion for dancing.’ Ceri’s parents.