For interested people of all ages

The dance piece FELT, premiered in 2019, combines dance with design and visual arts and thus unites themes such as textures, materials, body and movement. The workshops around the piece invite the participants into a process that inspired the making of the original art work:

From textures and materials to movement

This workshop will offer the experience that is at the heart of FELT: to inspire movements from the sense of touch, textures and materials. There are many diverse textures and materials to be felt within our body, from skins, to bones, to flesh and organs. Are you aware of the intricate sensual experience of those? To start with, this workshop offers a somatic journey into the sense-experience of our individual bodies. As a second part, we will then introduce diverse haptic materials, such as fabrics of diverse sizes and textures. How do they make us feel? How do they make us move? Does our movement and physical or emotional response vary from one to the other? We hope these sessions will combine craft activities, object handling and play, to encourage manual dexterity, problem solving and social interaction.

In the past months, this workshop has been attended by around 250 participants.

Photos: Simone Röhr