Clocks and clouds Workshops


Look up, and hear the ticking The Hungarian composer György Ligeti was fascinated by the coexistence of clocks and clouds in our world, of exact measures as well as approximations, and he translated this coexistence into music. As both clouds and clocks continue to inspire human imagination, for Ligeti they provided a point of convergence from which to experiment in a constant conversation between the arts and the sciences.

During the ‘Clocks and Clouds’ workshop, inspired also by Karl Popper’s philosophy of Clocks and Clouds and how this can inspire different ways of ‚thinking rhythms‘, we shall start creating snippets of moving rhythmical structures. These will derive from tasks that capture ways of our synesthetic perception as inspiration for interdisciplinary making.
We will create dance as rhythms of clocks and clouds moving through synesthesic perceptions as impulses for interdisciplinary creation in art.