SIXFOLD Workshops

In May 2017 I premiered the dance piece SIXFOLD with which I am currently on a European tour with this piece.

The production is based on a collaboration between myself and the visual artist Alexander Ruth, who designed a sculpture for the dance piece. Within the piece dance, sculpture and also sound unite to a multi-layered total work of art.

Within the framework of the project ‘SIXFOLD – a day of dance’ I would like to introduce children and teenagers aged 6-19 to contemporary dance per se as well as to the creation and development of a choreography.

My dance piece SIXFOLD will be the starting point. On the ‘Day .of Dance’ the children and teenagers will get to know dance in its various forms of expression and experience it in practice. Together we will develop choreographic ideas and share, discuss and practice them in the group. I will also show an excerpt of my piece to give the participants an insight into the world of contemporary art. Afterwards, we will collect impressions, experiences and ideas that have emerged while watching and discuss them.

SIXFOLD’ invites children and young people to develop their individual creativity physically, to form an opinion on contemporary art and to let their imagination run wild.

Throughout the past years, this workshops has been attended by 350 participants.

Photo: Bohumil Kostohryz