Invisible Dances: Art in and around Lockdown – Press

Article in Kreiszeitung Friesland (German)

Article in Trierischer Volksfreund (German)


‘A beautiful idea‘

– Lausitzer Leben Kunst und Gesellschaft –

Article in Sächsische Zeitung (German)

Article in Badische Zeitung (German)


 ‚A special form of art‘

 – Sophia Hesser, Badische Zeitung   –


 ‚The Invisible Dances have something fantastical, something surreal‘

 – Eva-Maria Reuther, OPUS Magazin   –

Interview with Martin Sauter for the RPR1 Radio (German)


‘Burgau’s cultural officer Ramona Nahirni-Vogg is also enthusiastic: “Culture is joie de vivre. For months, a piece of quality of life has been taken away from us with the restrictions on culture. I am glad that Kathrin Knöpfle and her companions chose Burgau for their project. With this project she goes beyond the ordinary and provides with her performance for attention and creative change. We hope that it will inspire other artists to also find unusual ways to make their art visible, audible and tangible again. visible, audible and tangible.”‘ 

 – Stadtzeitung Burgau 

Article in local press in Kurten (German)

 ‘What dance is and what it could be’

 – Sandra Seldmeier for Starnberger Merkur  –

Article in Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine (German)

Article in Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung (German)

 ‘Invisible Dances has become a global phenomenon

 – The List  –

Article in Kehrwieder Hildesheim (German)

Article in local press in Reinbek (German)

 ‘Across the world, Invisible Dances has been quietly creating a storm.

 – Caroline King in Contrary Life  –