Framing Program


Our most established form of communication with our audiences for this project to date is the Invisible Dances sign, which shows a specially commissioned poem by Scottish writer Roísín OBrien. The sign also invites audiences to engage creatively with the work and invites people to explore the global scale of the project through a QR Code.


In order to introduce audiences who might be less digitally connected to the concept, the scale and context of the Invisible Dances, we are considering the creation of a brief flyer/programme which explains the idea and the globally diverse creative expressions to local audiences. Moreover, the flyer could invite and lead the audiences through diverse creative tasks such as guided, drawing, walking, dancing and asking questions which help reflect on the work. We are especially considering this idea for rural venues and are currently working out how to get these flyers delivered.


We are interested in offering an intergenerational workshop, led by one local dance artist, but designed and developed by Elisabeth Schilling. This workshop would take place at a time of your choice after the performance of the Invisible Dances has taken place and whilst its traces are still vividly visible.


We are considering hiring the dancers for some hours on the next day after the performance to introduce passersby to the idea of the Invisible Dances verbally, and further engage them by encouraging participation by walking, drawing, dancing and photographing the work in their own specific way.