The piece ‘A dancing Archive’ by choreographer Artémise Ploegearts, which premiered in the past year, will  be revived  and reworked in the coming week in residency in Amsterdam.

After the exhibition of STADTKÖRPER as part of Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform in May 2017, the organisation has now published an interview with Elisabeth on the work.

In the past week, Elisabeth participated in Clod Ensemble’s research residency of ‘Placebo’ at Wales Millenium Centre as part of Cardiff Dance Festival.

‘Clod Ensemble are in residence for a week at Wales Millennium Centre ahead of their performances of Under Glass. In this Open Studio event Clod Ensemble will be sharing some of the work they have begun to create over a week of research and development on a new project.

The ‘placebo effect’, despite being an age-old tool for practicing medics, has only recently become the subject of serious scientific enquiry. But does placebo have a deeper relationship to our cultural debates? We want to begin to consider what it means to ‘perform’ symptoms. How does the idea of power feed into this debate?

How radically can our bodies and minds be changed by others’

The ‘Under Glass’ tour by British company ‘Clod Ensemble’ has been received with great success. The piece has thus been described as ‘strikingly dramatic’ by the Times and as an ‘extraordinary piece making its way to legendary status’ by the Metro..

Elisabeth’s role of the ‘spectator’ has been described as following by the press:

‘an inexplicably distressed sensualist (Elisabeth Schilling) in a glamorously slinky long dress’ (The Times)

‘Elizabeth Schilling’s Spectator is theatrically Pina-esque in a high glass box and an evening dress.’ (The Review’s Hub)

‘Elisabeth Schilling rises and collapses with a serene grace that nevertheless highlights an escalating emotional state.’ (Miro Magazine)



Tony Humbleyard’s & Elisabeth’s picture of the SIXFOLD performance in Unst earlier this year has been chosen by Steve Slater, director of CityMoves Dance Agency Aberdeen, to be the title photo of this year’s DanceLive Festival Aberdeen (12th – 28th October). The poster can be seen in all sizes across the city of Aberdeen!


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This autumn, Elisabeth will be joining Clod Ensemble for their tour of ‘Under Glass’. Described as ‘inventive, brilliant and beautifully haunting’ by the critics, the piece has won a Total Theatre Award in 2010 and will now return to the stages throughout the UK.

More info on: httpss://

18-21 October 2017, The Lowry, Salford

25-28 October 2017, Sadler’s Wells presents at Hackney Showroom, London

1-4 November 2017, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton

22-25 November 2017, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

SIXFOLD will be performed as part of ‘Trois fois Danse’ at Kulturhaus Miersch on October 14th, 7.30pm.


Following and invitation of the Head of Dance at PERA – School of Performing Arts – GAU, Mafalda Deville, Elisabeth will share her work SIXFOLD with students from the university on September 18th 2017.

Image: Karolin Kent

Last Thursday, 7th September 2017, Desmōtēs had its premiere in the amphitheatre of Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. The event was initiated by the Cypriot composer Andréas Papapetrou. First images of this phenomenal, one-of-a-kind event have now been published.

Pictures: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Initiation and musical composition: Andréas Papapetrou

Costume and set design: Rea Olympiou

Video art: Christos Symeonides

Supported by: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation


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Peter de Kuster has invited Elisabeth to participate in his online – project ‘The Heroine’s Journey’. This project includes an interview which aims at inspiring people to pursue their passion in life.

The full interview with Elisabeth can be read here:

The Heroine’s Journey of Elisabeth Schilling