We are celebrating the première of Anu Sistonen’s new piece Mood(s) this week in Luxembourg. It can be seen in the Grand Théâtre on 29th / 30th November 2016.

Finish choreographer Anu Sistonen is a regular at the Grand Théâtre and Mood(s) is her fourth creation to be presented here. Spanning a career of 15 years, her creative journey has been marked by a deep attention given to the interaction between choreographic language and musical language.

Her latest creation Mood(s) is a piece that will combine and integrate the ebb and flow of human emotions. Sistonen’s choreography is passionate, sensitive and moving and features five dancers, singer Stephany Ortega and percussionist Sven Kiefer. Evoking our loneliness and moments of life together, it works towards a succession of phases of individuality and of collective expansion. Sistonen found inspiration for Mood(s) in the works of photographer Miikka Heinonen, in contemporary vocal music and in the fascinating instrument, the marimba.

Choregraphy: Anu Sistonen

Interpretation: Élisabeth Schilling, Simone Mousset, Rhiannon Morgan, Baptiste Hilbert, Frank Koenen

Singing: Stephany Ortega
Percussion: Sven Kiefer
Visual art & Photography: Miikka Heinonen
Costume Designer: Mélanie Planchard
Lighting Design: Philippe Lacombe

Production: Théâtre d’Esch
Coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg


The documentation on the festival ‘frsich eingetroffen’, which was organised by the Mannheim organisation zeitraumexit, has been published. Elisabeth participated in the festival as a dancer and collaborator of the performance duo Schaitl / Costa.



We proudly present: the video documentation of frisch eingetroffen 2016!Hach, toll war das diesen Sommer!Danke Christina Stihler für das tolle Video.

Gepostet von zeitraumexit am Samstag, 5. November 2016

Elisabeth is excited to be giving a talk on her photographic series ‘STADTKÖRPER’ which is currently exhibited as part of Dance Live Festival in Aberdeen.

When? 23rd October, 1pm.

Where? Belmont Filmhouse Café Bar

More information on: httpss://www.dancelivefestival.co.uk/exhibition

Elisabeth will perform ‘tasks’ together with the artistic duo Collaboration Schaitl / Costa on October 15th as part of the event ‘HAPPENINGS’ at Bains Connective and Ten Weyngeart in Brussels.

More information on: https://www.facebook.com/events/262715377462466/

Elisabeth is very happy to be dancing in Anu Sistonen’s new production Mood(s) which will be created and première at Théâtre d’Esch and will furthermore be shown at Grand Théâtre Luxembourg.

10th / 11th November at Théâtre d’Esch: httpss://www.esch.lu/culture/theatre/fr/pages/reservation.aspx
29th / 30th November Grand Théâtre Luxembourg: httpss://www.theatres.lu/SAISON+2016_2017/Danse/_17+ANU+SISTONEN-p-20001706.html


Elisabeth is ver excited to be presenting her photographic exhibition STADTKÖRPER at Dance Live Festival Aberdeen throughout October. More information on: httpss://www.dancelivefestival.co.uk/exhibition


The project STADTKÖRPER was inspired by the architectural city scape of Berlin, which I had the chance of exploring during a stay in 2013. Even though certain parts of the city are marked by new constructions, chains and restorations, the historic traces of the city are omnipresent and hard to overlook. The way in which the energy of these traces, their heaviness and their decay manifests itself in the everyday presence inspired me to try to capture them in the interplay between dance and photography. Dance, an artform of presence, unites with the still image of photography; thus atmospheres, expressions, shapes and impressions are being captured.

The working process was from the very beginning conceived as a collaboration with various different photographers. In all this, I have been particularly interested in the individual approaches of the subject movement, but also in the diverse perspectives on buildings, the city scape, and especially their framing and composition. How does the still image of photography capture what seems to inevitably escape it?

The exhibition shows a selection of images that have been created throughout this project.


In September, Elisabeth will be in residency together with artists William BilWa Costa and Jasmin Schaitl to create a new work called pan-oscillate that will premiere at WUK Vienna in December 2016.

The residency will take place at BAINS Connective in Brussels.

There will be shows of ‘tasks’ on September 24 and October 15 at Bains Connective Brussels & Szenne Art Lab Brussel.



‘A Dancing Archive’, the new piece by choreographer Artémise Pleagearts, is currently on residency in Germany. It will premiere on November 19th at Oostblok Theatre in Amsterdam.

In August, Elisabeth will be performing ‘Historical Dances in an Antique Setting’ by Pablo Bronstein at the Tate Britain for the last time.

‘It has really been quite a special experience as you dance from morning till night as life is happening around you and people react in so many diverse manners: many smile when they walk past and old and young join in and copy moves sometimes. And in the dance you sometimes get a glimpse of the impressive and historic sculptures and paintings in the rooms next door.’

Der Spiegel / The Mirror is a new work by Finnish Company Mamia. It is a solo which will premiere in March 2017 in Finnland and tour afterwards.