In teh coming weeks, Elisabeth will participate in another research phase with the London based interdisciplinary company ‘Clod Ensemble’. They work towards the creation of a new piece called ‘Placebo’ to premiere in October this year.



This year, Elisabeth will be ‘the face’ of theatre Rotonde’s puppet festival in Luxembourg.

More info on: httpss://


Photography: Sven Becker

Cotsume: Mélanie Planchard


SIXFOLD will be performed at MUDAM as part of Luxembourg Museum Days on 19th and 20th May at 12 & 4pm.



Image: Bohumil Kostohryz

SIXFOLD will be performed as part of the Belgian Festival ‘Dag van de Dans’ on April 28th 2018 at 2.30pm at the Spanish Embassy. On this day, dance performances of all kind will take place in Belgium.

The program on that day at the Spanish Embassy is as following:

14u – 14u20: ENTRE LUNAS. Chapitre I. Et toi… (Francesca Saraullo (IT) & Carolina Van Eps (CO)                                  14u30 – 14u50: SIXFOLD: A Nexus (Elisabeth Schilling (GB)
15u – 15u15: Nero ahogándose (Joaquín Collado (ES)
15u30: Talk “(Dis)abilities: a conversation about inclusive dance” (Marta Wörner (SP) & Jeroen Baeyens (BE) [georganiseerd door CUMEDIAE en met de steun van Culture Agora]

More information on:: httpss://

On April 21st 2018, Elisabeth will be dancing SIXFOLD at Nordenfarm, Maidenhead. Curated by Charlie Dixon, this event will feature work by other makers as well.

More information: httpss://

SIXFOLD will be touring extensively this summer again. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our audience!



21st April Norden Farm, Maidenhead (UK) –
28th April Spanish Embassy, Dag van den Dans, Brussels – httpss://
19th & 20th May MUDAM Luxembourg –

1st June Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival (UK) – httpss://
17th June The Barn, Aberdeen (UK) –
13th July, SDT Dundee Rep Theatre, Dundee (UK) –

18th August Mc Phail Centre, Ullapool (UK) –

Elisabeth will be back learning from Dana Caspersen as part of her workshop-event at Cullberg Ballet’s festival ‘Labo’.

In the coming week, Elisabeth will offer children workshops on her work SIXFOLD in her home region.

Here a video of children discussing their views, interpretations, ideas and associations on the work:

Elisabeth started to develop a work at Rambert Dance Company’s ‘The Playgroun’d. This work is in its early stages of development and is inspired by the symmetry and repetition of traditional ballet steps such as ‘the échapée’ or ‘the piqué’.

Here is an extract of a rehearsal.


Dancer: Michelle Buckley

Photography: Rambert Dance Company

In the coming week (3rd – 6th April 2018) Elisabeth will teach professional class at Luxembourg’s dance house TROIS C-L.

Image: Julie Freichel pour JAVA