Interviews & Portraits

TEDxLuxembourgCityWomen (English)

‘Elisabeth Schilling has developed a unique art that is open to other disciplines, (…) If we also count the choreographic commissions created for the prestigious Tate Modern (London), it is not surprising to see the rapid evolution of this young choreographer who sees dance as an artistic whole.’

– Gregory Cimatti, Le Quotidien –

Interview for SWR Landesschau (German)

‘Her impressive work moves along the tension between a vision and its coherent realisation via the body language of dance.‘

– Eva-Maria Reuther, OPUS Magazin –

Interview for ARA City Radio (English)

Article in Le Quotidien (French)

‘Very rarely have I seen a human being who has moved with such ardency and love to what they do.’

– Marlene Schommer –

‘Immense energy and empathetic attentiveness exude from the young, tall woman who has always wanted to be a dancer’.

‘When she says ‘I live in dance’, it has nothing to do with an ivory tower or artistic self-empowerment. It is the existential self-location of a person who has found her place.’

– Eva-Maria Reuther, Opus Magazin –

Portrait in OPUS Magazin (German)

Portrait in Le Quotidien (French)

Portrait in (French)

‘Dance prize awarded to choreographer and dancer for outstanding talent.’

– City Magazin Luxembourg –

Special Mention in Le Quotidien (French)