Im Herbst 2018 tritt Elisabeth der britischen Kompanie ‘Clod Ensemble’ bei, um bei der Herbsttournee die Rolle des ‘Spectators’ in ‘Under Glass zu tanzen.

Under Glass is a promenade production in which the performers are presented within glass containers. At once a museum exhibit, an installation and a medical laboratory, characters appear almost as specimens; a woman in a jam jar, a couple negotiating their space in a bed-like Petri dish, a shy ‘wallflower’ pinned behind a glass panel, a man clock-watching in his office, a woman on the phone in a test tube observing the disintegration of village life.

Sound and light work together to guide the audience through the space and encounter this disparate group of individuals, sometimes coming within inches of the performers.

In Under Glass, people are lifted out of the hurly burly of everyday life – their moments of solitude are exquisitely framed and we see human beings attempting, with varying success, to live within their limits.

Salford. The Lowry. 18-21 October 2017.
London. Sadler’s Wells presents at Hackney Showroom. 25-28 October 2017.
Brighton. Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts. 1-4 November 2017.
Cardiff. Wales Millennium Centre. 22-25 November 2017.

Image Credits & Rights: Clod Ensemble