Simone Mousset and Elisabeth Schilling have started their new collaboration ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’. The piece will premiere as part of ‘Les Emergence No.3’ at Trois C-L, Centre de Creation Choréographique Luxembourgeois in April 2016. Impressing the Grand Duke” is a multidisciplinary performance combining dance, video projection and theatre. The piece is a satirical comment […]

December – The Nutcracker season has started! Elisabeth will join the production of ‘Nutcracker – The party’ at Théâtre National du Luxembourg. Come and see her dance Mr Drosselmeyer, a slightly quirky, ambiguous, obscure, however loving character in this contemporary adaptation of the classic! More information of: httpss://

On November 3rd, Elisabeth will present her new Movement Study as part of ‘Trois du Trois’, an event by the dance house Trois C-L, Centre de Creation Choréographique Luxembourgeois. This event will focus on the theme of choreographic research and thus, Elisabeth will also speak about her work in the form of a presentation. A […]

On October the 10th, Anu Sistonen’s new work OPTIKE will be premiered in Kulturhaus Mersch. I am very excited to be part of this project. The evening will also show work by Luxembourgish choreographers Bernard Baumgarten and Ann-Marieke Hess. More Infos on: httpss:// Avec OPTIKE, Anu Sistonen se consacre à un projet de recherche sur […]

STADTKÖRPER Interview avec Bernard Baumgarten, directeur du Trois C-L, Centre de Création Choréographique, et l’artiste Elisabeth Schilling sur sa nouvelle exposition STADTKÖRPER qui ouvrira ce samedi 3 octobre au Trois C-L. Comment l’idée t’est-elle venue d’organiser l’exposition STADTKÖRPER? En 2013, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir travailler à Berlin. Pendant cette période, j’ai tout de […]