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‚She has developed a unique art that is open to other disciplines, which she willingly shares with a neophyte audience in unusual places. If we also count the choreographic commissions created for the prestigious Tate Modern (London), it is not surprising to see the rapid evolution of this young choreographer who sees dance as an artistic whole.’ 

– Gregory Cimatti, Le Quotidien  –

‚Elisabeth Schilling’s disobedient creatures: This project can be seen as analogies to the research of Joseph Beuys, who was also interested in the artistic potential of felt, or to Sasha Waltz’s latest creation, Kreatur.’

Marie-Laure Rolland, La Glaneuse –

’FELT’, only the title of her new solo act is already program.’

Thierry Hick, Luxembourger Wort –

Artikel im Wort (German)

Interview für ARA City Radio (English)

Artikel in Shetland Times (English)

‘The performance was extraordinary – unlike anything I’ve seen before.(…) I found it beautiful and intriguing and surprising. How could one performer imbue inanimate material with so much life and meaning? I also found FELT disconcerting, awkward, funny, utterly hypnotic and ultimately unreadable – in the best possible way.’ 

– Tom Jeffreys, writer for Frieze, The Independent, The Telegraph, ArtReview –

‘Playful, spectral and stirringly beautiful.’ 

– Mary Brennan, The Herald –

‘Birthing on to the stage before writhing around and growing, Felt takes us through the cycle of life within a single performance. This riveting performance by Elisabeth Schilling is enclosed inside the mysterious black felt; yet it feels like the powerful energy contained within could burst forth at any moment from within the amorphous folds.’

 Tabish Khan, Art Critic and Visual Arts Editor

Artikel im WUNNEN Magazine (French)

Artikel im Letzeburger Land (French)

‚Elisabeth Schilling keeps surprising (…). Her dance choreographies are unusual, explosive and abstract. They play with our perception. Some (audience members) even spoke of a new art form between choreography and performance, between visual art and dance and material that has come to life.’ 

– Anina Valle Thiele, Tageblatt –

‘Schilling’s fascinating moving sculpture helps us see fabric in a whole new light.’ 

– Kelly Apter, The Scotsman –

Artikel im Tageblatt (German)

Artikel im Luxemburger Wort (German)

Artikel im Letzebourger Land (German)

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