Invisible Dances Pöcking

Local team of dancers & tracers: Leonie Stöckle & Chandana Phadkule

Video: Stefan Rosenboom

Audience Voices

‘What dance is and what it could be’Sandra Seldmeier from ’Starnberger Merkur’ Magazine

‘The project transforms an ordinary space into a stage, and even if the performance itself can’t be seen, the space filled with the traces becomes more present and people really start to look at it. It is also a space everyone can access, since it was in my case the main square of the town. I like that idea a lot to “release the arts out of the theatres”. Access to art was a problem that had been addressed, but for me ID especially pointed out that there is mostly no much diversity in the art scene in rural areas. It is more visual arts or music that dominate the cultural scene there, performance arts are often not so represented. And, to add another aspect, public room is seldom used for art purposes, also for that ID served as a nice “wake up call”.’ – Leonie Stöckl, dancer in Invisible Dances