HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti

Available for touring now!

Please contact producer – Jon Roberts at producer@elisabethschilling.com for more information.

Kunstfest Weimar, Germany – 08th September 2022

Commissioned Works

Presented by a local team, including choreographer Elisabeth Schilling, composer Pascal Schumacher and contemporary Ensemble Lucilin.

Touring: 17th – 23rd December 2021 Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

and December 2022 Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

More information here.


Ita Infinita coming soon!

Elisabeth Schilling and her artistic team will be in residence at TROIS CL to start the rehearsals of Ita Infinita – a new project to premiere in 2022. 

Dance Concert

a collaboration with Roberto Castello / Aldes Company

 07 July 2022 – chiostro Arena del Sole, Bologna

28 July 2022– Barga Jazz, Barga 

30 July 2022 – Accademia Mutamenti, Grosseto 

31 July 2022 – Festival Dance Gallery, Perugia

A trio of women from different cultural backgrounds interrogate the relationship between music and dance in the frame of improvisational performance. Initiated by Aldes and created together with Roberto Castello.

Elisabeth at Summer Course InDance Barcelona

Elisabeth will have a pleasure to teach during the first week of the WILD Intensive Summer Performance Program in Institute of the Arts Barcelona on the 8 – 14 August.

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