HEAR EYES MOVE relies on intensive research into György Ligeti’s works and methods and produces an intricate nexus in which Ligeti’s complex music meets Elisabeth Schilling’s choreographies. Music and dance thus begin to grow alongside and into each other, as contiguous forms bringing about a dance-concert and a concert-dance full of captivating multi-sensorial imagery, where no form or medium ultimately dominates the other. Here, too, interdependence is the name of the game, and it is a condition of life. Can you hear your eyes move?

HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti

Available for touring now!

Please contact producer – Jon Roberts at producer@elisabethschilling.com for more information.

Collaboration between Elisabeth Schilling and the Ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin, allows the choreographer to draw on her earlier work and use Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Partita for Violin n°1 in B minor” (BWV 1002) in order to explore how movements and textures, both musical and physical, overlap, merging again and again.


PREMIERE  7 October 2022 – Echter’Classik Festival, Trifolion Echternach, Luxembourg

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 13 October 2022 – tour:

09 October – SOS Kannerduerf Mersch

 09 October – Centre thérapeutique Manternach

 10 October – Two School Performances, Trifolion Echternach

 10 October – Servior Um Schleeschen Echternach

 11 October – School Performance, Trifolion Echternach

11 October – Servior Belle Vue Echternach

 12 October – Kinderheim St. Paul, Synagoge Wittlich 

 13 October – Hospice civile in Echternach

Choreographer Elisabeth Schilling and pianist Cathy Krier seek to create an unprecedented take on the György Ligeti’s Études, treating dance and music as contiguous forms growing alongside and into each other, thus producing a dance-concert and concert-dance in which neither form shall dominate the other.


10 November 2022 – creation residency – An Lanntair arts centre, Stornoway, Scotland

18 November 2022 – creation residency – CityMoves Dance Studio, Aberdeen, UK

25 November 2022 – creation residency – Dance Base, National Centre for Dance, Edinburgh, UK

19  20 January 2023 – creation residency – Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland


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A new group piece for five dancers choreographed by Elisabeth Schilling. Interweaving the sensibilities of dance and contemporary music, it explores the sonic and dynamic textures of our worlds as well as their complex patterns of change. In an environment of mutual immersion, the dancers sense their relations, ceaselessly making and unmaking them, creating temporary communities. Across the seasons, there is florescence as well as decay.


PREMIERE  23 – 25 March 2023  – Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg 

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Commissioned Works

Presented by a local team, including choreographer Elisabeth Schilling, composer Pascal Schumacher and contemporary Ensemble Lucilin.

18  21 December 2022 – Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

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Ligeti & Dance

24 – 25 October 2022  – Lecture, Workshop and Performance around Ligeti & Dance at University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria

The Haunted Labyrinth

A Halloween workshop with music and dance, which takes a playful approach to the different art forms, their similarities and differences, stimulates the children’s imagination through different tasks and emphasises the power of teamwork.


29  30 October 2022 – Philharmonie of Luxembourg 

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