Musik: Andreas Papapetrou.

Tänzer_Innen: Karolin Kent, Fabian Brandt, Artémise Ploegearts, Marcella Piscitelli, Sarah Armstrong, Malin Nilsson, Masako Matsushita

Premiered at Maritime Museum Greenwich

The piece Unbeschriebenes Blatt [Blank Piece of Paper] was commissioned by TrinityLaban Conservatoire for Music and Dance for the First International String Quartet Festival Greenwich in 2011. It was created in close collaboration with the composer Andréas Papapetrou and was choreographed for a string quartet and seven dancers. Within an open composition, the dancers’ movements follow a clear and defined structure, but are created spontaneously, allowing dancers to be constantly ‘in the moment’, while the scenes play with the audience’s expectations. They are persistently established and immediately broken up, and out of this rupture, a new scene is born, only to be broken again as soon as it seems to establish itself. Nothing is stable, safe or solid, everything is in a constant flow of radical change.