SIXFOLD takes its audience to the beginnings of a world, a different world, where distinctions, normally taken for granted, are yet to be drawn. In between categories and disciplines, with a sculpture by the visual artist and designer Alexander Ruth and music and sound by Phill Niblock and William ‘Bilwa’ Costa, the dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling creates a foreign space of possibilities to be filled by nothing but the imagination.

Schilling thus presents an unusual production between dance and visual art. Initially developed in Seoul and premiered in Luxembourg as part of the festival ‘Les Émergences – Vol. 4’, SIXFOLD is touring Europe from summer 2017. From the Shetland Islands to Cyprus – the piece has been performed 40 times in 9 different countries to audiences who might have never seen dance before to arts professionals. The work has been performed in very diverse spaces: from rocks to beaches, hellipats, traditional theatre settings and galleries.



Choreography, Performance: Elisabeth Schilling

Photography: Bohumil Kostohryz

Sculpture: Alexander Ruth

Sculpture Making: Sooye Kim FOAMNARA South Korea

Engineer: Ntlab Seoul South Korea

Dramaturgy: Moritz Gansen

Composer of first and last music: Phill Niblock

Sounds: William ‘Bilwa’ Costa

Supported by:
Silvio and Waltraud dell’ Antonio-Kunsmann-Stiftung, TROIS C-L, Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul Foundation for the Arts, Kulturstiftung Rheinland-Pfalz, City Moves Dance Agency Scotland, The Studio Shetland, Franje Norway, Sjönevad Art Centre Sweden, Kunst Mainz!

Produced by Making Dances a.s.b.l

Special thanks to:

Mélanie Planchard, Sebastian Simon, Claus Ewehardt, Nina Schaeffer, Moritz Gansen, Karl Humbug, Dorothee Follmann, Stefan Roost, Simone Röhr, William Costa, Jin Cho Youn, Julia K Gleich, Anne – Mareike Hess, Aifric Ni Chaoimh, Gemma Dunlovely, Baptiste Hilbert, Catarina Barbosa, Giovanni Zazzera, Rolf Weber-Schmidt, Sanne E. Ryg, Karolin Kent, Robin Lambrecht, Simone Kribs,  Kit Flammang, Tony Humbleyard and last but not least the incredible team of the TROIS C-L Bernard, Julie, Veronika, Leslie, Sousana, Mathis, Alexandre.




“Absolutely remarkable.” Marie-Laure Rolland, Luxemburger Wort

“Extraordinarily intimate […], fascinatingly multi-layered.” Sonja Sünnen, Trierischer Volksfreund

“Elisabeth Schilling is a poetic dancer and choreographer who creates great spaces full of imagination. ” ARD / Saarländischer Rundfunk

“…the intensity of her performance holds great resonance. “ Rachel Elderkin, The Stage UK

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Audience voices

“a dance work whose beginning has not so engaged since E=mc2 from the 1980“,“ (Elisabeth Schilling) holds life out for inspection, suspending with nothing more than a rigorous physical discipline, our own selves and beginnings “ Jon Seymour, writer

“Fascinating. […] Seeing the piece for the third time I was once again shocked at the new associations I was forming. I cannot let go of the feeling that every time I see this piece something new will reveal itself to me. This speaks for the quality of the piece.” Bernard Baumgarten, Director of TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

“A unique and exceptional artist.” Simone Röhr, Stiftung Stadt Wittlich, Gallery Casa Tony M., Wittlich

“A truly outstanding performance.” Joachim Rodenkirch, Mayor of the City of Wittlich “With a complete and profound depth – it was beautiful, really beautiful. What a great

choreographer! “ Sally Marie, Artistic Director Sweetshop Revolution
“Very rarely have I seen a human being who has moved with such ardency and love to what

they do.” Marlene Schommer
”Like a snail shell of infinite love.” Qui, 9 years old

“The piece is complete in its totality. […] It was abstract in such an extraordinary manner, and executed with such a deep sense of authenticity that one can only achieve if one performs with the whole heart. […].” Christopher Petry



Following its premiere in Luxemburg SIXFOLD is currently touring Europe.


4th March 2017 Preview SIXFOLD – Seoul (KR)

19th April 2017 Preview SIXFOLD – Le Cercle Cité Luxembourg (LU)

3rd – 6th May 2017 – Première SIXFOLD – Trois C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU)

30th May 2017 – 3rd Casa Tony M. Wittlich (DE)

26rd June 2017 – July 1st The Studio at the Shorestation, Unst, Shetland (UK)

3rd July 2017 – July 7th City Moves Aberdeen (UK)

27th July 2017 – 29th Franje Festival, Arendal (NO)

5th August 2017 – Rosenbergsfestivalen, Harplingen (SE)

9th August 2017 – Sjönevard Arts Centre, Sjönevard (SE)

1st September 2017 – Severis Foundation, Nicosia (CY)

18th September 2017 – PERA – School of Performing Arts – GAU, Northern Cyprus (CY)

14th October 2017 – Trois fois Danse, Miersch (LU)

Dance Live Festival, Aberdeen (poster piece) (UK)

19th January 2018 – Zsenne Art Lab, Brussels (BE)

26th January 2018 – The Place, London (UK)

4th February 2018 – TUFA, Trier (DE)

19th February 2018 – Raw Matters, Vienna (AT)

21st February 2018 – High & Low, 4bid Gallery, Amertdam (N)

21st April 2018 – Norden Farm, Maidenhead (UK)

28th April 2018 – Dag van den Dans, Brussels (BE)

19th & 20th May 2018 – MUDAM (Musée d’art Moderne), Luxembourg (LU)

1st June 2018 – Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival (UK)

17th June 2018 – The Barn Aberdeen (UK)

13th July 2018 – Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee Rep, Dundee (UK)

11th August 2018 – Koli, Finland (FI)

30th August 2018 – Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz

08th September 2018 – Chemnitzkomplex, Chemnitz (DE)

Societaetstheater, Leipzig (tbc) (DE)


We are currently in the process of organizing further tour dates in Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Photography: Bohumil Kostohryz and Tony Humbleyard