“A dance work whose beginning has not so engaged since E=mc2 from the 1980“,“ (Elisabeth Schilling) holds life out for inspection, suspending with nothing more than a rigorous physical discipline, our own selves and beginnings “ Jon Seymour, writer

“Fascinating. […] Seeing the piece for the third time I was once again shocked at the new associations I was forming. I cannot let go of the feeling that every time I see this piece something new will reveal itself to me. This speaks for the quality of the piece.” Bernard Baumgarten, Director of TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

“A unique and exceptional artist.” Simone Röhr, Stiftung Stadt Wittlich, Gallery Casa Tony M., Wittlich

“With a complete and profound depth – it was beautiful, really beautiful. What a great choreographer! “ Sally Marie, Artistic Director Sweetshop Revolution

“A truly outstanding performance.” Joachim Rodenkirch, Mayor of the City of Wittlich

“Very rarely have I seen a human being who has moved with such ardency and love to what they do.” Marlene Schommer

”Like a snail shell of infinite love.” Qui, 9 years old

“The piece is complete in its totality. […] It was abstract in such an extraordinary manner, and executed with such a deep sense of authenticity that one can only achieve if one performs with the whole heart. […].” Christopher Petry