pan—oscillate is a movement and sound performance based on the inherent qualities of the sound-terms “panning” and “oscillating”. These qualities are referenced and translated into movement scores for three performers, and a live sound composition for a solo, electro-acoustic, sound performance.

In pan—oscillate, the role of the ventilator alternates between being a sound source to being the premise for movement; and from a kinetic element to an active performer.

For the creation of this piece, Elisabeth has collaborated very closely with the duo.

Concept: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa
Performt and created by Jasmin Schaitl, Elisabeth Schilling, Nanina Kotlowski (on-stage) William “Bilwa” Costa (live sound)
Stage element and costumes: Jasmin Schaitl

with the kind support of: WUK, Bildrecht GmbH, BAINS Connective Brussels, Austrian Federal Chancellery, and Arbeitsplatz Wien.

Within the frame of Huggy Bears Evening

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