A project devised by Artémise Ploegearts and Louis HotHotHot

Time is filled with experiences.
Experiences leave traces on the body.
Traces constitute the archive.
The archive is part of the body that remembers.
The body performs. It is present.

Cultural identity is an archive constantly performed in the present and towards the future; it is transmitted from generation to generation. It is the same whilst being dynamic, by being re-enacted. The body affects it and is in return affected by it.

‘A dancing Archive’ creates a parallel between how a choreographic work or a dance practice are kept and/or forgotten by the dancer (here Elisabeth Schilling) and how the body remembers and performs its cultural identity. The performance varies from day to day, and can therefore be constituted as plural, while holding on to an illusionary ‘sameness’ that identity suggests. How does the dancer’s body process or ‘digest’ its heritage and personal experiences?

Première: 19th November 2016

More info: https://bodybodybody.hotglue.me/