Elisabeth Schilling receives Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis


On September 17th 2021, the Luxembourgish Theatre and Dance Awards were held at the Théâtre des Capucins in Luxembourg City.

The Luxembourgish Dance Award was handed to Elisabeth by S.A.R. la Grande-Duchesse Maria Teresa and presented to her by Jury president Raymond Weber.

The Jury says:

“The artist, who was born in Wittlich, Germany, and trained at the London Contemporary Dance School, has convinced experts and critics as well as a growing audience of her outstanding talents as a dancer and choreographer, in addition to her work as a curator for exhibitions and coordinator of symposia and publications, and as a teacher and trainer.In her latest creations, such as SIXFOLD (2017), FELT (2019), Invisible Dances: Art after Lockdown (2020) and, above all, HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti, a performance with the pianist Cathy Krier (2021), Elisabeth Schilling wonderfully embodies her artistic and cultural ambition around the “manifold body”, declined in its six dimensions: space, imagination, resonance, rhythm, transition as a catalyst for creativity, texture/intensity.”

Elisabeth says:
What an incredible honor to receive the “Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis” (the Luxembourgish Dance Award) last night, handed to me by by S.A.R. la Grande Duchesse and presented by Jury President Raymond Weber.
I am profoundly moved and humbled to receive this award!
I would like to take to take the opportunity to thank every single one who accompanied my path, who supported my work and believed in me a from the early days of my professional path. I remain eternally grateful for what your support and belief has enabled me to create.
I am very much aware of the privilege that I have experienced throughout my life, which enabled me to pursue my artistic path. I am committed and I hope together with all of you to make the world of art a place of equal opportunities and representation in the future.
I would like to congratulate all nominees and award winners on their work. It’s incredibly inspiring to be working, creating and dancing amongst and with all of you.
Last not least, a warm hearted thank you to the Luxembourgish audiences for their interest in my work. It is an honour to dance and to create for you!
The 2021 jury was composed of Jill Crovisier (winner of the Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis 2019), Anouk Wies (head of cultural programming at the Cercle-Cité), Ivan-Vincent Massey (director of the Grand Studio in Brussels), Raymond Weber (former director of the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg) and Marie-Laure Rolland (dance critic and editor of laglaneuse.lu).

The Nationalen Theaterpräis for Lifetime Achievement was given to Frank Feitler (theatre director and dramaturge).

The Award for Nowuestalent (emerging talent) was given to Catherine Elsen. The “Theaterpräis – Op der Bün” (on stage)  was awarded to Marie Jung et François Camus (actor duo). The award “Theaterpräis – Hannert der Bün” (backstage) was given to set designer Anouk Schiltz.

Ministère de la Culture / Theaterfederatioun / TROIS C-L 
Photos: Bohumil Kostohryz