Sketches on Ligeti

Article in Zeitung Vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek (French)

‘The first performance was of great beauty: “Sketches on Ligeti”. This creation by Elisabeth Schilling (choreographer) and Cathy Krier (pianist), requires a lot of body control and powerful piano skills. Cathy Krier, whose international reputation is well known, played the piano studies of the Hungarian composer György Ligeti magnificently. Music and visuel poetry go hand in hand. Elisabeth Schilling is perfect, her body leaves, her body travels, her body is both space and sublimation. The dancer’s movements are jerky, sometimes violent, the two artists join a state of mind similar to trance. Cathy’s fingers crystallize the music, offering her that vertigo that the interpretation needs. Sometimes her fingers are like automatons, then, in the following second, they take on the grace of a swan. Elisabeth is silent, while her whole body unveils mysteries associated with Ligeti’s music.’

– Michel Schroeder, Zeitung zum Letzeburger Vollek –

Interview with Bert Gstaettner / Tanz*Hotel Wien (German)

She dives into this world of powerful sound in an incredibly sensitive way, powerful even in silence. (…) Fragile and stringent at the same time, her dance, between intuition and construction, is powerful, energetic and tender. Yet always somehow fragile. So clever and so touching.

– Rando Hannemann,