“a dance work whose beginning has not so engaged since E=mc2 from the 1980“,“ (Elisabeth Schilling) holds life out for inspection, suspending with nothing more than a rigorous physical discipline, our own selves and beginnings “ Jon Seymour, writer

“Fascinating. […] Seeing the piece for the third time I was once again shocked at the new associations I was forming. I cannot let go of the feeling that every time I see this piece something new will reveal itself to me. This speaks for the quality of the piece.” Bernard Baumgarten, Director of TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

“A unique and exceptional artist.” Simone Röhr, Stiftung Stadt Wittlich, Gallery Casa Tony M., Wittlich

“A truly outstanding performance.” Joachim Rodenkirch, Mayor of the City of Wittlich “With a complete and profound depth – it was beautiful, really beautiful. What a great

choreographer! “ Sally Marie, Artistic Director Sweetshop Revolution
“Very rarely have I seen a human being who has moved with such ardency and love to what

they do.” Marlene Schommer
”Like a snail shell of infinite love.” Qui, 9 years old

“The piece is complete in its totality. […] It was abstract in such an extraordinary manner, and executed with such a deep sense of authenticity that one can only achieve if one performs with the whole heart. […].” Christopher Petry