Finissage ‘Life must be danced’ – ‘Watz of the sciences’

23 January, 6 pm, Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz

Shortly before the start of the new Year of Science ‘Artificial Intelligence’, the Young Academy wants to take up forms of expression of dance from the point of view of different sciences and discuss the interrelations and synergies between dance, science and artificial intelligence in the finissage of the exhibition ‘Man muss das Leben tanzen’.

With the sciences a language can be found, not only for the description of the aesthetic and content diversity of dance as an art form, but also for the expression of the interactions between dance and artificial intelligence and the consequences of this interaction, which is best suited to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and to point out its limits.

Impulse lectures:

Aglaia Bianchi: Is it possible to dance death? Dances of the Dead and Death Tangoes

Daniel Potthast: Dance in Islam – Pious Work or Sin?

Kristina Lippmann: Rhythm and brain – neuroscientific perspectives of dance

Kalman Graffi: Alexa, dance with me! About the future of dance in the digital age

Followed by Fish Bowl discussion with the lecturers and with Christina Globke, Elisabeth Schilling.

‘I firmly believe that whatever initiates movement, this impulse is reflected in the presence of the dancer. Therefore it is interesting to think about the relationship between body, presence and artificial intelligence’. E.Schilling

Many thanks to the Junge Akademie der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur in Mainz for the initiation and organisation of the event. It was an enriching experience to share my passion for the art form of dance with academics from the fields of literature, robotics, neuroscience and Islamic studies and be inspired by the conversations before and after the event.