Trimm Dich Dance

A new project by Elisabeth Schilling & Company for your city, aiming to bring dance, movement and creativity as a central element to daily life and in the consciousness of the population.
The aim of this project is to strengthen the role of contemporary dance in your communities, to make this art form accessible to a wide audience and to pass on our shared enthusiasm for it to people who may have had little contact with this art form up to now. Alongside Elisabeth’s smaller and larger stage performances’, Trimm Dich Dance combines ideas and actions that take place in urban space, in public and everyday places.
Trimm Dich Dance is inspired by the so-called ‘Fitness Paths’, which became particularly popular with the cultural movement ‘Fitness’ in the 1970s.

Movement Path

Specially developed signs, featuring creative graphics by Studio Polenta, will create a movement path around your city or a special place for a period of a few months. The Trimm Dich Dance invites people to be creative through movement: the signs invite you via graphics and words to activate the body and mind in a new and perhaps still unknown way. The signs are designed to be appealing to all ages and physical abilities.
Additionally a QR code attached to the signs is intended to share dancing videos of the artist on the signs, which can be posted on social media with a special hashtag such as #trimmdichdance.


Elisabeth would also organise regular ‘tours’ around the Trimm Dich Dance, which will invite participants to exercise in the form of a short workshop and give deeper insights into creative work.