Displayed across the City of Luxembourg, several so called Boxes of Life invite you to participate in an original cross-art project. Initiated by the Théâtres de la Ville and created as part of this season’s cycle ‘Mémoires et Résiliences’, the project, which was imagined by Elisabeth Schilling in collaboration with the cultural coordination of the City of Lyembourg and the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, invites everyone to share their individual or collective experiences and their reflections on the joy of life – an invitation to reunite and also to give strength in those worrying times.


Further information can be found in the video below.


 Would you like to join in and write a postcard?

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the map below to find a box nearby. If you want to receive some postcards by post, please write a mail to boxoflife@elisabethschilling.com.


What will be happen to my postcard and my thoughts shared?

We will collect all of the answers and collate your diverse experiences, tips and ideas about the many ways of celebrating life. The postcards will thereafter be exposed in the theatre: they will form an installation in the foyer of the Grand Théâtre in May and June 2022. They will also provide the starting point for an original choreography, developed with the wider community and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling. The dance performance will be part of the 2022 series of the Théâtre de la Ville’s TalentLAB in June 2022. 


How can I get involved in the dance performance?

The dance performance will be created throughout 10 workshops in May 2022. They are free and open to all, no previous dance experience is necessary. To express your interest in participating, please send an email to boxoflife@elisabethschilling.com

The dance workshops will take place on the following dates:

03 May 18.30-21h Grand Théâtre

07 May 9.00-11.30h Grand Théâtre

10 May 18.30-21h Grand Théâtre

14 May 9.00-11.30h Grand Théâtre

17 May 18.30-21h Grand Théâtre

21 May 10.30-13h Grand Théâtre

24 May 18.30-21h Grand Théâtre

28 May 10.30-13h Grand Théâtre

31 May 18.30-21h Grand Théâtre

01 June 17-19.30h General Rehearsal – Grand Théâtre 

02 June 20h Premiere – Grand Théâtre, Foyer (SHOW)

03 June 20h Grand Théâtre Foyer (SHOW)

10 June 18.30-21h Rehearsal

11 June 15h Parc von der Fondation Pescatore (SHOW)

12 June 18h Parvis Grand Théâtre (SHOW) 


Moreover, the Boxes of Life can be found at the Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg, Fondation Pescatore, Croix Rouge Bertrange and Café ‘Ënnert der Brëck’. 


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Edmond Oliviera


Lycée des Arts et Métiers


Brune Noémie, Clement Chrissy, Elsen Louis, Fernandez Noé, Flammang Francesca, Ginter Anna, Leonardy Anna, Uhres Lydia, Démarre Jennifer, Marques Da Silva Steven, Wagner Yan, Gunnewick Selina, Kieffer Lopez Tristan, Kraemer Shania, Liégeois Zoé, Pais Mangana Dos Santos, Reischl Jerome, Savino Samuele, Treff Philip, Warken Max, Weyland Théo, Desiati Gaia, Rasquin Julie, Ravello Milena, Roesgen Olav, Schon Kami, Schouveller Chiara, Alves Taracido Marisa, Backendorf Yann, Bernard Maîté, François Lindsay, Hình Tú, Kieffer Vanessa, Kremetter Yan, Laux Jolene, Lenert Lou, Mendes De Paiva Alicia, Rodrigues. Ferreira David, Schneider Sandy, Simon Ximena, Skrijelj Mediha, Vlaiconi Yoann
Nicole Lanners, Rudy Goeres, Joseph Tomassini, Myriam Rollmann, Danièle Wagner, Elisabeth Greisen
Julien Cuvelier (saxophones), Laurent Peckels (double bass), Arthur Possing (piano)