In 2013, Elisabeth collaborated with a variety of choreographers in Berlin. The exhibition that resulted from this collaborated can now be seen from the 25th September – 30th October in TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Choréographique Luxembourgois. The event which officially opens the exhibition will take place on the 3rd October in the TROIS C-L.



The project STADTKÖRPER was inspired by the architectural city scape of Berlin, which I had the chance of exploring during a stay in 2013. Even though certain parts of the city are marked by new constructions, chains and restorations, the historic traces of the city are omnipresent and hard to overlook. The way in which the energy of these traces, their heaviness and their decay manifests itself in the everyday presence inspired me to try to capture them in the interplay between dance and photography. Dance, an artform of presence, unites with the still image of photography; thus atmospheres, expressions, shapes and impressions are being captured.

The working process was from the very beginning conceived as a collaboration with various different photographers. In all this, I have been particularly interested in the individual approaches of the subject movement, but also in the diverse perspectives on buildings, the city scape, and especially their framing and composition. How does the still image of photography capture what seems to inevitably escape it?

The exhibition shows a selection of images that have been created throughout this project.

Idea & Concept: Elisabeth Schilling

Photographers: Eunsun Cho, Benjamin Kummer, Jenny Fitz, Carolin Ubl, Sandra Pomorin.

Thanks to Hildegard Schilling, Moritz Gansen, Bernard Baumgarten and the whole team of TROIS – CL.

1st Exhibition: TROIS – CL, Centre Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (2015)

2nd Exhibition: Dance Live Festival, Aberdeen (2016)

3rd Exhibition: Kaleidoscopic Arts, London (2017)

Single works of STADTKÖRPER were shown at Saatchi Gallery London, as well as Whitechapel Gallery London.