Organs that eat the sun’s rays? / Purple washing machines that imitate horses / Creepers disguised as grannies.


Dreams – a catalogue of unconscious wishes, coded messages from higher powers, fantasy worlds for processing our everyday experiences – hardly anyone is unaware of them and yet we rarely remember them.
Inspired by Peter Handke’s book ‘A Year Spoken from the Night’, in which the author author collects sentence fragments over a year, which he wrote in the moments between sleep and between sleep and non-sleep, Elisabeth Schilling proposes this captivating theme as the starting point for a dance piece for the Jeune Ballet de Luxembourg.

After a first successful collaboration on ‘All d’Déieren aus dem Bësch’ – the Christmas tale of the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg 2021/22, the collaboration will now be now be continued with a 30-minute work with which the Jeune Ballet will showcase its the company’s work, talent and versatility far beyond the borders of Luxembourg. far beyond the borders of Luxembourg.

30 minutes that invite you to dream: In Der TRAUM, fantasy and reality merge, wishes, imagination and surreality grow wishes, imagination and surreality grow into an original mix of moving scenes that were developed together with the creativity of the young dancers themselves. With an original costume design and musical accompaniment by Pit Dahm, Der TRAUM offers offers the opportunity to escape from everyday life, an insight into young, creative perspectives and an opportunity to reflect on a topic that we all share and yet experience so differently.