As I imagine it…

Sketches on Dance

Elisabeth participates in the exhibition “As I imagine it…. Sketches on Dance” of the Karlskaseren Ludwigsburg and the KULTUR KIOSK Stuttgart. Her sketch was chosen as the cover of the exhibition.

In a time when dancers are banned from the stage, we look behind the scenes and show intimate sketchbooks that put first thoughts and drawings of a choreography or dance piece on paper. As I imagine it… juxtaposes these initial thoughts with the finished piece and provides insights into the artistic work of dancers who otherwise choose the body as their material rather than paper.
The ephemeral moment of dance is thus translated into an impressive documentation.
The exhibition will be presented simultaneously at the Karlskaserne Ludwigsburg and at the Kultur Kiosk Stuttgart and will be accompanied by performances. Further information at www.produktionszentrum.de www.karlskaserne.ludwigsburg.de and https://www.facebook.com/kulturkiosk.stuttgart/

Duration KULTUR KIOSK: 27.03. – 30.04.2021
Soft-Opening Kultur Kiosk: 26.03.2021 16 – 21 o’clock with distance and mask.
KULTUR KIOSK, Lazarettstraße 5, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany

Duration Karlskaserne: 26.03. – 18.04.2021
Soft-Opening Karlskaserne: 25.03.2021 16 – 21 h with distance and mask
Finissage: 15.04.2021 at 7 pm

Art Center Karlskaserne, Hindenburgstraße 29, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Participating artists:
Johannes Blattner, Christine Chu, Grégory Darcy, Smadar Goshen, Selina Koch, Max Levy, Emi Miyoshi, Susa Ramsthaler, Elisabeth Schilling, Laura Yoro
Curators* of the exhibition: Isabell Ohst and Stephanie Buck

Exhibition design: Iassen Markov

 Poem by Elisabeth Schilling

Drawing is emptying for me. Emptying sensations that have accumulated and that I might not even take in with my conscious mind. 

Drawing is translating. Translating textures that I have seen, felt, listened to in sound, architecture, fabrics. Textures that are the bases of my work, in detail, in spatial textures and compositions. 
Drawing is a way of connecting the senses, connecting impressions the world has made on me through sensations and experiences of diverse art forms through the simple act of a pen meeting a paper. 
A sense of simplifying the complexity of experiences.
A sense of channeling, bringing experiences to a point. 
Emptying. Meditating. An action to mark the start of a new project. 
It is an irrational process. Thought is secondary. I let my intuition lead me. 
Clearing the mind. Bringing the mind into a state to be ready for creative dreaming. 
Dancing in 2D. 
The drawings show how a dance might feel within a body. Within the membrane of the skin that is connecting the inner to the outer. 
Sensing textures is expressed in the meeting of pen and paper. 
And then I let it go as I sculpture the movements and imaginations of the dance through movement in the studio…

Insights into the exhibition