The time has come and the Box of Life project will celebrate its big opening this week in the foyer of Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg as part of TalentLAB
including a special installation with all of your postcards created with Edmond Oliviera and the technical team of the theatre
– our intergenerational dance piece inspired by all your answers on the postcards created with people from the wider community of Luxembourg accompanied live by a new composition by Arthur Possing and band
as well as a photo exhibition by students from the Lycée des Arts et Métiers on the ‘Making of’ the whole project and photographic reflections on the ‘Joie de Vivre’…
all boxes designed  and created by the students from Lycée des Arts et Métiers
Dates for performances (free entrance)

02 June 20h Premiere – Grand Théâtre, Foyer

03 June 20h Grand Théâtre Foyer

11 June 15h Parc von der Fondation Pescatore

12 June 18h Parvis Grand Théâtre

Exhibition to take place in the foyer. Entrance free

Mat Iech is a new programme which encompasses Elisabeth’s passion for outreach & mediation. It makes dance accessible to people from wider sections of the population in a variety of ways.

Mat Iech includes two specific branches:

1. Mediation: for each production we develop individual programmes, specifically designed to accompany your varied audience experience. These programmes range from post-performance conversations with the audience based on Elisabeth’s key-chain methodology to workshops, symposia and catalogue publications.

2. Accessibility: Mat Iech brings the world of dance to two groups of people close to Elisabeth’s heart. Firstly, to children, regardless of age, background, language or origin, and secondly to people who, whether for financial, social, geographical or health-related reasons, can no longer go to the theatre.

More information HERE


Become a friend!

Elisabeth and team recently set up a Circle of Friends Programme.

Find more about it and join HERE.


Joining our Circle of Friends supports the artistic and social endeavors of a young and upcoming company. Help embed and establish our diverse visions, through the creation of high-quality dance work in Luxembourg and beyond.

Friends are crucial to the activities and their success of our various ambitious visions. By joining our Circle of Friends, you do not only support us realizing our visionary artistic concepts, but also our various mediation and social concepts.

Join our Circle of Friends and meet like-minded people that support the creative activities with engagement and passion. It is our aim to bring together people interested in our projects, to foster relationships to us and each other. Every single one can support us through their personal relationship to our projects.

On May 18th, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg announced their new season as well as their new program of Associate artists. Elisabeth is excited to join a team as Associate Artist (Dance), together with theatre directors Myriam Müller, Anne Simon, Renelde Pierlot, writer Ian De Toffoli and music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin.

Photo: Bohumil Kosthoryz

Elisabeth will have a pleasure to teach during the first week of the WILD Intensive Summer Performance Program in Spain this August.
WILD is a 14 day Intensive Summer Performance Program split between Barcleona
and Girona in Gaga, Cuban Ballet, Aerial, Cunningham, Circus, Contemporary held at
the Institute of the Arts Barcelona Sitges and L’Animal Girona by InDance International Barcelona.
InDance International is an organisation resident at Nau Ivanow. Barcelona. It will provide intensive training for dancers from around the world in August, who seek a short period of training, stage performances and networking.
In Sitges there are 6 large Dance studios and a specialist area for aerial skills and development on-site. A 200 seater theatre space to display your creations at the end of the program. The location is 5 minutes from Sitges beach and nightlife. In Girona there is a large open outdoor and indoor space, an extraordinary performance area, surrounded by the natural landscapes of catalonian culture and architecture. L’Animal is situated on the border of France and Spain with perfect views with wildlife and nature to inspire your creative making.