SIXFOLD will be performed as part of ‘Trois fois Danse’ at Kulturhaus Miersch on October 14th, 7.30pm.


Following and invitation of the Head of Dance at PERA – School of Performing Arts – GAU, Mafalda Deville, Elisabeth will share her work SIXFOLD with students from the university on September 18th 2017.

Image: Karolin Kent

Last Thursday, 7th September 2017, Desmōtēs had its premiere in the amphitheatre of Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. The event was initiated by the Cypriot composer Andréas Papapetrou. First images of this phenomenal, one-of-a-kind event have now been published.

Pictures: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Initiation and musical composition: Andréas Papapetrou

Costume and set design: Rea Olympiou

Video art: Christos Symeonides

Supported by: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation


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Peter de Kuster has invited Elisabeth to participate in his online – project ‘The Heroine’s Journey’. This project includes an interview which aims at inspiring people to pursue their passion in life.

The full interview with Elisabeth can be read here:

The Heroine’s Journey of Elisabeth Schilling

On October 3rd, dancer and dance maker Elisabeth Schilling will give a workshop in her improvisation methodology ‚The SIXFOLD BODY’ at DOCK 11 in Berlin.

This methodology introduces an approach into solo improvisation and composition: six different perspectives on the body inspire diverse movement impulses, which are in communication with each other and thus understand the body as a complex whole.

Generally speaking, it introduces a set of six interrelated, variable and pragmatically-conceived layers:

the architectural body, or the body in and as space, a body which relates itself to space and in which spatial relationships become possible,

the rhythmical body, the timing of the body, its feeling for time, its temporality, but also its musicality, ist rhythmicality;

the imaginative body, the body which calls upon, encapsulates and enagages with the entire complex of our images and imaginations and associations;

the resonating body, the body which absorbs, processes and plays back all the echoes and reverberations of the world passing through the body;

the transitional body, the body at the threshold between states, a catalyst of creativity at the moment of decision, both closing down and opening up possibilities;

finally, the textural body, the body as a multiplicity of individuating intensities.

During this workshop, Elisabeth will introduce the participants to those six different bodies and will then consolidate these approaches so that the participants can explore and delve into the complex, multi-layered and exciting world of solo-improvisation.