From May 30th – June 3rd, Elisabeth will be in residence in Casa Tony M., a museum in her hometown Wittlich. During this week she will offer free workshops for kids and tennagers. She will furthermore perform her work SIXFOLD hourly on Thursday & Friday. There will be an exhibition around the creation process of the work and a post-show discussion after every performance.



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Elisabeth is excited to be teaching at ‘Creative Side by Side’ this year. The project, which will take place in her home region invites people from diverse cultures to join for a weekend of dance, singing and sound. A performance is taking place on Sunday the 28th May.


Our participation with ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’ at Printemps Danse at CAPE, Ettelbrück, together with works by Baptiste Hilbert, Catarina Barbosa and Léa Tirabasso has been mentioned in Delano Magazine as one of 10 things to do this week! Tickets are available at CAPE, Ettelbrueck!



On May 21st, Simone and Elisabeth will follow the invitation of CAPE, Ettelbrück director Carl Adalsteinsson to perform ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’ at ‘Printemps Danse Festival’.


In the week of 15th – 19th May, Elisabeth will be teaching professional class at DOCK11 in Berlin.

Elisabeth’s class aims at preparing an articulate, attentive and curious body to move with individual instinct through precise alignment, flow of weight, use of time and dynamic playfulness. By introducing exploratory tasks as well as set material, the positive and energetic environment will encourage you to discover your body’s full potential through facility, strength, efficiency and a creative mind. The class will furthermore invite you to enhance your perception of yourself and others in order to open the space for a powerful visceral experience.

Picture: Bohumil Kostohryz

Elisabeth is very happy to have been invited to join the 4th Platform of Kaleidoscopic Arts in London. The event will take place on May 19th and will be part of Wandsworth Fringe Festival, Wilditch Community Centre, where Elisabeth will present the photographic exhibition STADTKÖRPER.

Picture: Eunsun Cho


Extracts of Elisabeth’s new work SIXFOLD were shown in Cercle Cité Luxembourg on April 19th.


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SIXFOLD on two cultural title pages of major newspapers in Luxembourg:

‘La pièce d’Elisabeth Schilling, «Sixfold», est tout à fait remarquable.’ (‘Elisabeth Schilling’s SIXFOLD is absolutely remarquable.’) Marie – Laure Rolland, Luxembourger Wort

‘Die Choreographie SIXFOLD führt den Zuschauer zu den Anfängen der Welt.’ (‘The choreography SIXFOLD takes the audience to the beginning of the world.’) Anina Valle Thiele, D’Letzebuerger Land

‘Elisabeth Schilling, avec SIXFOLD, nous a proposé un véritable objet chorégraphique non identifié.’ Paulo Lobo

‘Vielschichtig, phantasievoll und mutig.’ (‘Multi-layered, full of phantasy and courageous.’) Anina Valle Thiele, D’Letzebuerger Land



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Elisabeth will be premiering her new work SIXFOLD this week at TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique as part of  ‘Les Emergences – Vol. 4’.

‘At the crossroads of visual arts, design and dance, the piece is an “unidentified choreographic object”, based on an in-depth study of movement between human and object.’


Choreography, Performance: Elisabeth Schilling

Photography: Bohumil Kostohryz

Sculpture: Alexander Ruth

Sculpture Making: Sooye Kim FOAMNARA South Korea

Engineer: Ntlab Seoul South Korea

Dramaturgy: Moritz Gansen

Composer of first and last music: Phill Niblock

Sounds: William ‘Bilwa’ Costa

Supported by:
Silvio and Waltraud dell’ Antonio-Kunsmann-Stiftung, TROIS C-L, Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul Foundation for the Arts, Kulturstiftung Rheinland-Pfalz, City Moves Dance Agency Scotland, The Studio Shetland, Franje Norway, Sjönevad Art Centre Sweden, Kunst Mainz!

Produced by Making Dances a.s.b.l

Special thanks to:

Mélanie Planchard, Sebastian Simon, Claus Ewehardt, Nina Schaeffer, Moritz Gansen, Karl Humbug, Dorothee Follmann, Stefan Roost, Simone Röhr, William Costa, Jin Cho Youn, Julia K Gleich, Anne – Mareike Hess, Aifric Ni Chaoimh, Gemma Dunlovely, Baptiste Hilbert, Catarina Barbosa, Giovanni Zazzera, Rolf Weber-Schmidt, Sanne E. Ryg, Karolin Kent, Robin Lambrecht, Simone Kribs,  Kit Flammang, Tony Humbleyard and last but not least the incredible team of the TROIS C-L Bernard, Julie, Veronika, Leslie, Sousana, Mathis, Alexandre.