Elisabeth safely arrived in Seoul and will now, together with her collaborator Alexander Ruth, start the creation of SIXFOLD at Seoul Dance Centre.

‘With their interdisciplinary Performance SIXFOLD the dancer and dance maker Elisabeth Schilling and visual artist and designer Alexander Ruth present a concentrated movement study between human being and object. The ephemeral and the constant connect in space, the lively and transforming dance meets an autonomous sculpture. Thus a relationship of resonance is created between space, music and bodies; fields, that don’t exist as seperated entities, but only develop their form and existance through the ‘being- within and in-between’.

SIXFOLD is a co-production of TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois and Silvio und Waltraud dell` Antonio-Kunsmann-Stiftung, Wittlich, furthermore supported by City Moves Aberdeen, The Studio, Shetland and Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.