Simone Mousset and Elisabeth’s production ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’ was named as highlight of Resolution festival by Rachel Elderkin in London.

‘Impressing the Grand Duke (★★★★) by Simone and Elisabeth offers something a little different. In contrast to the fluffy, pastel tulle costumes and the self-absorption of their characters, this is a refreshingly objective and tightly crafted work.

Racing through an array of choreographic devices Simone and Elisabeth attack the creative process and the challenge of establishing oneself as an artist with humour, flair and bold self-assessment. They make wry observations on the term ’emerging’ and the piece as a whole is stylish, fun and finely judged dance theatre.’


On January 27th, 28th, Elisabeth will perform the preview performances of ‘The Mirror / Der Spiegel’ by Mamia Company in Helsinki, Finland.

‘Dorian Gray and Snow White’s stepmother made a baby called Milania de Vine. Meet her tonight & tomorrow at 7pm at Asematila, Helsinki in Finland. She can’t wait to have your eyes on her…’

Preview of a solo called ‘The Mirror / Der Spiegel’ by Mamia Company
Directed by Nina Mamia, Kasperi Nordman
Performed alongside a solo called ‘Jean Dark’ danced by Gesa Piper

On 27th / 28th February, Elisabeth will preview Mamia Company’s ‘The Mirror / Der Spiegel’ in Finland. She will share the stage together with Gesa Pieper performing a solo called ‘Jean Dark’.

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Mamia Companyn work in progress soolot:
THE MIRROR (Elisabeth Schilling) on soolo äärimmäisyyksiin menevästä kehollisesta narsismista.
Varjo on peili, jota ei koskaan pääse pakoon. Etsin paikan, jossa sitä ei ole. Minä olen sateenkaarikala ja kaikki rakastavat minua. Minunlaistani ei ole toista.
JEAN DARK (Gesa Piper)
“In my search for the holy, my heart burns. Against my wishes, this will kill me. My current life is a grave painted by my prayers. My prayers burn trough flesh and bone, my prayers are holy. O`hear how I pray for this life, that I hold holy. ”
Soolo perustuu pyhimykseksi julistetun Jeanne D`Archin elämään.
Onko Jean Dark nykypäivän meditointiguru/kokemusasiantuntija/charlataani/mielenterveyspotilasjonka maailmankatsomus muuttuu terrorismiksi ”vääräoppisia” kohtaan?

Koreografia: Nina Mamia, Elisabeth Schilling, Gesa Piper
Teksti, ääni, valo: Kasperi Nordman
Esityskieli: saksa, englanti, suomi

Pe 27.1 klo 19
La 28.1 klo 19
Vapaa pääsy.

Varsinainen ensi-ilta Vantaan Tanssin viikoilla 19.4. klo 19.

On January 13th, Elisabeth will perform together with Simone Mousset their piece ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’ at The Place, in London.

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‘the artists make fun of the “emerging artist” – label and present us programmers with a critical view at the way we (would like!) to look at the “up-and-coming talents”. The audience and above all we, the professionals in the auditorium, were laughing heartily.’

Extract from a review by Ainhoa Achutegui, director of the Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster Luxembourg.

This week, Elisabeth starts a new creation with choreographer Simone Mousset. BAL is an absurd family saga which is concerned with subjects of identity and origin. A preview of the piece can be seen on January 11th in Thèâtre Mersch in Luxembourg.

This week, Elisabeth will be dancing in the premiere of ‘pan – oscillate’ at WUK in Vienna. It is a piece which was created together in collaboration with the artist duo Schaitl / Costa.

pan—oscillate is a movement and sound performance based on the inherent qualities of the sound-terms “panning” and “oscillating”. These qualities are referenced and translated into movement scores for three performers, and a live sound composition for a solo, electro-acoustic, sound performance.
In pan—oscillate, the role of the ventilator alternates between being a sound source to being the premise for movement; and from a kinetic element to an active performer.



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Here are some reviews on Anu Sistonen’s ‘Mood(s)’ which was shown in Luxembourg in November. The articles are from Luxembourgish newspapers ‘Luxembourger Wort’ and ‘Le Quotidien’.



Here a review of  ‘A Dancing Archive’ in DansMagazine, a piece by Artémise Ploegearts premiered in November in Amsterdam.


This coming Tuesday (29th November) and Wednesday (30th November), Elisabeth will perform ‘Mood(s)’ by Anu Sistonen at Grand Théâtre Luxembourg.

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Elisabeth will be dancing in the piece ‘A dancing Archive’, a solo created by artist Artémise Ploegearts which premieres on November 19th in Amsterdam. The piece will be shown a Theater Oostblok.

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A DANCING ARCHIVE | Artémise Ploegaerts
A Dancing Archive looks at dancer Elisabeth Schilling’s personal background, experience and dance memories. She was born near Trier in Germany and first trained as a ballet dancer. She is now living and working throughout Europe as a professional contemporary dancer. Elisabeth has the particularity of working on embodying, disembodying, and re-embodying choreographic works and dance practices. She is full of traces that allow her to subjectively create movement material reflecting on a complex combination of discipline (or ‘authorial violence’ as André Lepecki writes) and personal choice-making and (re)interpretation. She constantly moves between shaping and being shaped. Through the use of video documentation and live performance, audiences are invited to dive into the merging of past and present. It is whilst improvising or re-performing movement material based on different memories from her experience as a dancer that her body multiplies on stage. Those different media have allowed us to witness changes and sameness in order to try and apprehend the complexity, implicity and subtlety of power.

Concept and choreography: Artémise Ploegaerts | Artistic collaborator, film and visuals: Louis Hothothot | Performance and movement research: Elisabeth Schilling | Light: Petyr Veenstra |  Sound: extracts from The four seasons Antonio Vivaldi, Le Corsaire Adolphe Adam | Support: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Oostblok, SPAM!, TUFA