The piece BAL is inspired by the lives of two legendary figures of Luxembourgish folk dancing, Josephine and Claudine Bal. Born in Luxembourg in the 1920s, the sisters Bal have developed Luxembourgish folk dancing into a highly theatricalised form and, with their company, the Ballet National Folklorique du Luxembourg, have enchanted audiences both in Luxembourg and abroad. The creation is based on an extensive documentation collected in a series of international archives as well as on unique testimonials by contemporaries of the family Bal and former dancers of the troupe. Further collaborations with archivists from around the world have made it possible to reconstruct fragments of the original repertoire, which it will be a rare treat to experience again after more than forty years since the company’s disbandment. With this, BAL offers a rare glimpse of an extraordinary luxembourgish cultural heritage that is largely lost.

The piece will be supported by an exhibition of rare historical photographs that document the sisters’ early life and gradual success.

In English and some Luxembourgish.


Concept and direction: Simone Mousset

Performed by and devised in collaboration with: Simone Mousset, Elisabeth Schilling

Music: Maurizio Spiridigliozzi

Costumes: Mélanie Planchard

Production: Mierscher Kulturhaus

Co-production: TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

Developed with the support of: the Ministry of Culture Luxembourg, the Fonds culturel national Luxembourg and SACEM Luxembourg.

Première: 25/26 April 2017 Mierscher Kulturhaus

28 April TUFA Trier



After the first preview of SIXFOLD, Elisabeth is on the main page for culture in ‘Le Quotidien’. Elisabeth will preview SIXFOLD again at Cercle Cité next week: April 19th, 7pm.


‘Two dances for Phill Niblock’ for Tate Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights, is featured in the highlights of the festival:

Elisabeth is excited to be previewing her new piece ‘SIXFOLD’, created in collaboration with visual artist Alexander Ruth in the coming month. Extracts of the piece will be shown at the press conference of TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphiqe, April 11th, as well as on April 19th at Cercle Cité in Luxembourg.

SIXFOLD was created with generous support by  Silvio und Waltraud dell` Antonio-Kunsmann-Stiftung, TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul Foundation for the Arts, Kulturstiftung Rheinland – Pfalz, City Moves Dance Agency, Scotland, The Studio, Shetland, Franje, Norway, Sjönevad Art Center, Sweden and Kunst Mainz!.


On March 3rd, Elisabeth will dance an extract of Simone Mousset’s new piece BAL at Trois du 3 at TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois.


Elisabeth is very honoured that visual and sound artist Phill Niblock invited her to create and dance a solo performance at his event at the Tate Modern. For this, Elisabeth will create a score based on her methodology of the ‘Sixfold Body’ and inspired by Phill Niblock’s films and music. The installation and the performance event is part of the Tate Live Exhibition and will take place at the end of March 2017.


During Elisabeth’s work stay in Korea, she was invited to dance in Seo Mi Jung’s Design – Collection. The designer works in the style of traditional Korean clothing. The films of the collaboration will be released soon on the designer’s webpage.

Thank you so much, Kaleidoscopic Arts for your interest in ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’, this wonderful interview and your continuous support for young artists!



Elisabeth safely arrived in Seoul and will now, together with her collaborator Alexander Ruth, start the creation of SIXFOLD at Seoul Dance Centre.

‘With their interdisciplinary Performance SIXFOLD the dancer and dance maker Elisabeth Schilling and visual artist and designer Alexander Ruth present a concentrated movement study between human being and object. The ephemeral and the constant connect in space, the lively and transforming dance meets an autonomous sculpture. Thus a relationship of resonance is created between space, music and bodies; fields, that don’t exist as seperated entities, but only develop their form and existance through the ‘being- within and in-between’.

SIXFOLD is a co-production of TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois and Silvio und Waltraud dell` Antonio-Kunsmann-Stiftung, Wittlich, furthermore supported by City Moves Aberdeen, The Studio, Shetland and Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

A fabulous review on Impressing the Grand Duke by Nicholas Minns:

Resolution is a festival of emerging artists, but for an explanation of the perilous stages of emergence there is no better guide than Simone Mousset and Elisabeth Schilling’s hilarious Impressing the Grand Duke. Having experienced the travails of ascending from ‘the deep and mysterious choreographic forest’ to ‘the deep inverted choreographic mountain’ they know how it’s done. Impressing the Grand Duke is told as a fable about an artist called Nymphadora who dances and dreams all day long in an obscure corner of the world. One day she receives a visit from the Grand Duke who recognizes her as an up-and-coming artiste, an original talent and future star and sends her on a mission to conquer the choreographic world. Nymphadora is played by both Schilling as Nympha, the stubborn, egocentric creative, and by Mousset as Dora, her harridan muse and business manager. Add the fairytale costumes by Mélanie Planchard and there are no limits to which these two consummate clowns will descend to deliver a satirical farce of the highest order. Despite Dora’s low opinion about their prospects (“Nympha, we are not getting anywhere in our art. You are always dancing the same dance….We have to emerge.”) the two manage to get through the various choreographic contests by squabbling or riffing verbally on their inability to choreograph. For Dora the goals are clear: international stardom, real visibility, real props and costumes, and sponsorship. For Nympha real costumes are trumped by the prospect of a visit from the Grand Duke.

They finally emerge (completely) to recorded congratulations against a Hollywood soundtrack so you can almost see the credits rolling up the screen as you reach for your Kleenex. Only one thing worries Nympha, who with devastating timing between the batting of her false eyelashes and the pouting of her red lips asks Dora, “And now?”

The choreography is ascribed to both Mousset and Schilling; not only are they natural counterparts to each other on stage but through their creative alchemy they anchor the theatricality of the work in a musical form. For last year’s Resolution Mousset and Schilling worked together on Their Past to the symphonic music of Yuri Khanon but for Impressing the Grand Duke music provides only the initial impetus. Schilling begins the work dancing with capricious delight to Claude Debussy’s Étude 10 pour les sonorités opposés, on pointe, and even when Mousset comes thundering down the aisle on to the stage she never disregards the music’s rhythmic structure. But when the Étude finishes, the work continues as a tightly coherent physical score with spoken and recorded texts, and the Hollywood finale. In Impressing the Grand Duke, Mousset and Schilling have added a delightful sense of humour to their musicality and ability to paint with dance, which makes them a creative duo to watch. All the more so now they have emerged.