Workshops in Children’s Hospital Luxembourg


During the carnival holidays, the dancer, choreographer Elisabeth Schilling is once again working for the Fondation EME. Under the name “Bunt”, the dancer leads workshops for children in the child psychiatry department of the Kannerklinik of the Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg. These workshops combine dance, visual arts and music.

In the various workshops, Elisabeth Schilling sets a wide variety of creative tasks. Sometimes based on various musical examples, sometimes based on representations of the visual arts, improvisational tasks and also

and creativity, movement ideas and short dances are developed. Special attention will be paid to movement textures, dynamics and movement qualities. Associations with music, dance and

Associations with music, dance and visual material will be awakened, discussed in the group and translated into dance. Conversely, drawings and small texts will be developed from dances and movements will be assigned to sound examples.

In this way, the children learn about the interdisciplinarity of art forms in a playful way. A positive and empathetic approach will encourage the discovery and development of each child’s full potential. Ultimately, the workshop invites children to expand and foster their self-awareness in interaction with others to create a unique creative experience together.

Initiated and supported by Fondation EME.