Oloris Oram – The Dying Swan Project

‘And once again associations to swan and faun in ‘Orolis Oram’ by Elsiabeth Schilling with danced dynamics by Mark Sampson, in the vastness of an undefinable light space, dancing, not lost, with shadowy, yet perceptible light composition, an exit, the dancer in the field of tension between height and attraction to depth, an appropriate dance gesture of the personal space in the ‘in between’.’

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Premiere of Oloris Oram – The Dying Swan Project

This new project initiated by Gauthier Dance will be launched online on Friday, April 16, 2021 on the Theaterhaus Youtube-Channel or the Instagram-Channel @gauthierdance.
Additionally the german TV-channel 3sat joined the project as a new partner, also launching the solos in their online media library simultaneously.

See Elisabeth’s work Oloris Oram HERE.

We are happy to share the results of this project with you!

Photo credit: Jeanette Bak