‘Anthem Moves’ – New Work for Cooper Gallery Dundee

For the 12h Non-State Parade / International Symposium of Cooper Gallery Dundee on 30th November 2019 Elisabeth was invited to create a response to the ongoing exhibition by artist Jasmina Cibic. Together with her team, Elisabeth created the concept named ‘Anthem Moves’.

The movement score will be developed from research on the implicit and explicit rules of behaviour – as well as their breaching – while anthems are being played. How do people behave and move? Which modes of affirmation and critique do they develop for these occasions? While the standard image of the body during the national anthem is certainly that of a static and reverential servant, the actual body is traversed by micro- and macro-movements, shown in facial expressions, body language and gestures, both conscious and unconscious. From these movements, captured uncountable times, the score will develop a language to express a wide range of political affects in a minimalistic and often static, statuesque style.

The musical score will be composed by Andréas Papapetrou, who, after research into official and inofficial anthems and their political and musical histories, will draw on existing anthems to create a new score, taking keys, harmonies, rhythmical structure and general pompous and officious qualities as a starting point.

The work will be dramaturgically supported by Moritz Ganzen.

Photo: Cooper Gallery