TextureBodyTexture – an experiential exhibition

3 du TROIS, 3rd December 2018, TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

Introducing their research ‚TextureBodyTexture‘, Elisabeth Schilling and Mélanie Planchard propose an experiential exhibition, that gives insights into their occupation of how a diversity of textures move the body and how, in turn, the body moves them.
The exhibition will thus invite the audience to heighten a critical awareness of the qualities of texture, bodies and space, how they meet and inform each other – and their impact – as they are experienced and inhabited. With their research, the artists will thus engage the public in a dialogue about the importance of dance, embodied movement, space and architecture. This exhibition is accompanied by a small performance, which will be the first ever sharing of the ideas around the work ‚TextureBodyTexture‘, which will premiere in April 2018 at the Circle Cité 2019.


More infos on: www.danse.lu


Photography: Martine Pinnel