During the run of PLACEBO on its national tour throughout the UK, Clod Ensemble’s new production received great attention by the national press and has been reviewed in newspapers such as the Times, the Guardian as well as several magazines:
Selected reviews
Seeing Dance
“Bodies switch in the blink of an eye from fluid ripples to impish jumps.. To pounding beats the company push on together, building to an exuberant climax. At last untethered from any judgements, labels, or frameworks, the movement becomes their medicine.”

Brighton Source
“it’s an artistic triumph by Clod Ensemble to bring together so many different media to focus on this complex theme. It’s thoughtful and undogmatic. But the movement is ecstatic.”
Blog pieces from The Power of Placebo contributors
‘If we think of placebos as pills we’re missing the point’ by Sarah Goldingay, Lecturer in Drama at Exeter University:
‘Case report: Placebo effects’ by Dr Alex Mermikides, theatre academic based at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama:
‘What’s the Truth About Placebo Effects?’ by Dr. Jeremy Howick, Senior Researcher and Director of the Oxford Empathy Programme at the University of Oxford: [reproduced with permission from Jeremy Howick and was originally published in The Huffington Post.]
‘If I only had a brain’ By Jon Stone, Professor of Neurology at The University of Edinburgh:
‘Great Expectations – The Power of the Imagination’ by Amy Shelton, artist and Artistic Director of Honeyscribe:
‘Arthritis, Placebo and Nocebo’ by Paul Dieppe, Emeritus Professor of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Exeter Medical School, and a Scholar of the Institute for Integrative Health in Baltimore, USA:
Images: Hugo Glendenning