The Green Disco is a new project for the public space and all members of the community by choreographer Elisabeth Schilling and plant composer Alexandra Duvekot. This work accompanies their stage production titled Sensorial Symphonies

The Green Disco combines both physical activity, deep listening and the opportunity to meditate on nature sounds. Driven by the desire to encourage the inhabitants of the city to feel the connection between nature and their own body, this project is aimed for public parks in urban areas. The public park in a city is often the only opportunity to delve into nature and relax. 

Is it hard to imagine that a tree is alive? Although we all know that we are part of nature, we mistake plants for objects. By connecting to the sound of the tree or move inspired by the natural environment, we can get much closer to the realization that we have more in common than we think and generate empathy for the vegetal world surrounding us.

Especially developed signs with creative graphics by Studio Polenta are to be placed around the park as an invitation to move and to listen to the sounds of the trees. Inspired by the 1970s Trimm- Dich movement in Germany, these signs will furthermore give the wider community the opportunity to connect to their bodies through prompts like ‘move like a branch in the wind’ or ‘move your arms in the direction of growth of the tree’. Alongside the dance prompts, Green Disco offers a sound score with the sound of the trees in the park as a sonic meditation. Passengers will thus get the chance for a connective moment with the trees in the park. The signs should be designed to appeal to all ages and physical ability.

A QR code attached to the signs will be used to share the sound scores. Moreover, the Hashtag #greendisco gives an opportunity to share the dance videos to the signs with the artist, which can be posted on social media. This project will support the popularity of the public park, encourage people to go outside and offer the chance for our mobile phones to become a device that connect our bodies, the community and nature all together.