Premiere – 23-25 of March 2023 at the Grand Théâtre Luxembourg

Our world is a world of entangled sensations, and we need all our senses to make sense of it. But if many lives today still rely on a fantasy of self-containment and mindless unidirectional exploitation, there might also be a need for a new sentimental education: in order to live a good-enough life on a damaged planet, we need to understand our interconnectedness with other beings, be they human or not, and make decisions accordingly. Actions are and have complex consequences, and thus to act implies a sense of responsibility, a response-ability. In order to not continuously overlook what might be most important, we need to cultivate, as the anthropologist Anna Tsing has called it, both new and old “arts of noticing”.
Florescence in Decay, a new group piece for five dancers choreographed by Elisabeth Schilling, celebrates the flourishing of some of these arts of noticing. The performance features music from Anna Meredith’s ANNO, which entangles and intertwines sections from Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with Meredith’s electronic compositions and other partner pieces, creating complex patterns of seasonal repetition and recognition as well as metamorphosis. Thus interweaving the sensibilities of dance and contemporary music, Florescence in Decay explores the sonic and dynamic textures of our worlds and their complex patterns of change. In an environment of mutual immersion, the dancers sense their relations, ceaselessly making and unmaking them, creating temporary communities. Across the seasons, there is florescence as well as decay.




Elisabeth Schilling


Brian Ca




Rosanne Briens , Giulia Cenni , Gijs Hanegraaf, Marla King , Lou Landre, Aleisha Leyder, Alessio Marchini, Guiseppe Sanniu, Malcolm Sutherland 

Costume & stage design

Mélanie Planchard, Ariane Koziolek

Music Direction

Corinna Niemeyer


Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg


Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg


Dance Theatre Luxembourg ; Making Dances a.s.b.l.