Hear Eyes Move. Dances with Ligeti – Press

This is really a surprise! That I like it is a very weak expression. I was thrilled, you gave me a wonderful night. I have only seen it once so far, I will watch it more often, and soon a second time, because I really like the way of dancing, the movement – I don’t know anything about dance, my opinion is that of a child – but I often had the feeling while watching that I now understand what dance is/can do and why it is an art. It really touched me, to the point of heart palpitations.Of course I need to control these sensations, so by all means watch and listen again. Until then thank you, it shook me in a positive sense and that doesn’t happen often when you are over 90. Please tell your fellow artists with my deep thanks. 

– Vera Ligeti –

Interview at the ORF Radio (German)