‘Sketches on Ligeti’ at Monolabo Festival

Invited by artistic director Steve Karier, Elisabeth, together with the renowned pianist Cathy Krier, will present a research work entitled ‘Mosaikgleiche Augenblicklichkeiten – Skizzen zu Ligeti’ at the Monolabo Festival in Luxembourg.

Where do dance and music meet? One might immediately assume that no two other forms of art have ever entered into a closer and more intricate relationship than these. But let’s be more precise, then: Where do dance and music meet if the objective is not — not at all — to mimic or to mirror, to illustrate, to produce an atmosphere, to provide a backdrop, or even to merely co-exist, neatly separated?

György Ligeti said of his Études that they behaved, in a compositional and pianistic sense, like “growing organisms”. Following this line of thought, the choreographer Elisabeth Schilling and the pianist Cathy Krier will seek to create an unprecedented take on the Études, treating dance and music as contiguous forms growing alongside and into each other, thus producing a dance-concert and concert-dance in which neither form shall dominate the other.

The work shown at Monodrama Festival Luxembourg is a first research performance.

Photographer Credit: Julie Freichel

Friday, 15 June, 19h , Banannefabrik Luxembourg

More information on: http://fundamental.lu/de/festival-2019/monolabo-mosaikgleiche-augenblicklich-keiten-skizzen-zu-ligeti

Image: Julie Freichel