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Call for dance artists from rural areas in Germany

Elisabeth Schilling is looking for 10 dance artists – based in rural areas or German cities with populations of less than 20.000 people – to commission them with a dance score which is inspired by, and respects, current medical guidelines regarding performance. Applicants should be well-organised as the project requires creating and co-ordinating a small […]

Residency in Paris

Elisabeth and Company are currently in residence at the Maison du Portugal in Paris, where they will create the solos and duos of the piece HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti. Photographer: Bohumil Kosthoryz

‘When dancers draw pictures in the room’ – press review on ‘Kopfhören’ at Moselmusikfestival

Press review by Eva-Maria Reuther on ‘Kopfhören’ at the Moselle Music Festival 2020: ‘What was presented in the small excerpt created an enormous appetite for more.’ Eva-Maria Reuther Text freely translated by E.Schilling from German. When dancers draw pictures in the room  Here dance and architecture are combined: scenes from Hear, eyes, move in Trier’s […]

Portrait on Elisabeth

Whoever speaks with Elisabeth Schilling immediately shares her passion for her profession, which is much more of a vocation. When she says: “Dance is my life”, this does not have the slightest hint of self-empowering pathos. It is rather a clear statement, the very natural location of her existence, where she has always seen herself. […]

Residenz at Moselmusikfestival

Elisabeth & Company are in residence at the Moselmusikfestival in St. Maximin, Trier this summer. Within this residency Elisabeth will work on the new piece HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti.

The Handwash Dance

The Hand Wash Dance humorously engages an everyday skill that suddenly took centre stage during the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing on a number of medical and instructional videos, the choreography seeks to bring a little more fun to an individual exercise in hygiene that still helps save lives. The Hand Wash Dance is part of a […]


„Faszinierend, sehr spannend!“ Véronique Kesseler, Kuratorin CASINO Luxembourg ‘Es war großartig, Elisabeth Schilling hier in Shetland im Rahmen ihrer schottischen Tournee von FELT zu begrüßen. Das Stück fesselte das Publikum, es war für das Publikum zugänglich und nahbar. Die Nähe zwischen dem Filz und dem Publikum sorgte für eine wahrhaftige Spannung. Es hat mich sehr […]

Skizzen zu Ligeti

‘The first performance was of great beauty: “Mosaikgleiche Augenblicklichkeiten, Skizzen zu Ligeti”. This creation by Elisabeth Schilling (choreographer) and Cathy Krier (pianist), requires a lot of body control and powerful piano skills. Cathy Krier, whose international reputation is well known, played the piano studies of the Hungarian composer György Ligeti magnificently. Music and visuel poetry […]


**** The Herald: ‘Playful, spectral and stirringly beautiful.’ Mary Brennan **** The Scotsman: ‘Schilling’s fascinating moving sculpture helps us see fabric in a whole new light.’ Kelly Apter ‘The performance was extraordinary – unlike anything I’ve seen before.(…) I found it beautiful and intriguing and surprising. How could one performer imbue inanimate material with so much life and […]