18 Feb 2018

Featured in exhibition by Lynn Theisen

Elisabeth will be featured in the upcoming exhibition by photographer Lynn Theisen in March. More info: http://www.danse.lu/evenements/3-du-trois/mars-2018/ Image: Lynn Theisen

17 Feb 2018

Texturkörper I Körpertextur – R&D

In the coming weeks, Elisabeth will embark on a new research process together with designer & visual artist Mélanie Planchard. Supported by TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique (LU), Zsenne Art Lab (BE) as well as Sjönevad Arts Space (SE), the project’s aim is to explore synergetic potentials between dance and costume design. To this end, the dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling and the costume designer Mélanie Planchard will examine, in an intensive cooperation, to which extent, in dance, textile […]

13 Feb 2018

Residency at Arbeitsplatz Vienna

From 13th – 18th February, Elisabeth will be in residency at Arbeitsplatz Vienna.

09 Feb 2018

SIXFOLD in Vienna and Amsterdam

On February 19th, SIXFOLD will be performed at Raw Matters, Vienna. Moreover, Elisabeth has been invited to perform the work at the event ‘High & Low’ at 4bid Gallery Amsterdam on February 21st. More info: http://www.rawmatters.at/ https://4bidgallery.wordpress.com/   Image: Bohumil Kosthoryz

02 Feb 2018

Preview of SIXFOLD on German television

Last Wednesday, 31st January 2018, a preview on SIXFOLD was shown on German television (ARD / Saarländischer Rundfunk). From minute 13: http://www.sr.de/sr/fernsehen/sendungen_a_-_z/uebersicht/wir_im_saarland/kultur/index.html SIXFOLD will next be shown on February 4th at TUFA Trier. More information on http://www.tufa-trier.de/ Image: Bohumil Kosthoryz

30 Jan 2018

Response to SIXFOLD at ‘The Place’, London, 26th January

By author Jon Seymour: ‘Dappled, its surface irregularities balanced; the strong side light suspending this luminous crescent in the dark stage blooms into a full sphere. This cosmology of concentration will open collapsed-time before our eyes and enfold us in a dance work whose beginning has not so engaged since E=mc2 from the 1980 Edinburgh Festival. And what is the music of this sphere? We will remain on the surface of sound; that is not the clue, it is the […]

17 Jan 2018

SIXFOLD at The Place, London

On January 26th, Elisabeth will perform SIXFOLD at The Place in London. https://www.theplace.org.uk/whats-on/malcolm-sutherland-elisabeth-schilling-edit-domoszlai Image: Bohumil Kosthoryz

05 Jan 2018

The Playground at Rambert Dance Company

On January 12th, Eisabeth will join Rambert Dance Company’s Playground together with dancer Michelle Buckley to start working on new choreographic ideas.

05 Jan 2018

SIXFOLD at Zsenne Art Lab

SIXFOLD will be performed at Zsenne Art Lab (www.zsenne.be) in Brussels on January 19th at 1 as well as 6pm.

05 Jan 2018

SIXFOLD TOUR continues 2018

The work SIXFOLD will continue its tour in 2018, which currently comprises 40 performances in 9 countries. The new dates for the beginning of the year are listed below: SIXFOLD TOUR:  19th January:  Zsenne Art Lab, Brüssel (http://www.zsenne.be/)   26th January: The Place, London (https://www.theplace.org.uk) 4th February: TUFA, Trier (http://www.tufa-trier.de/) 19th February: Raw Matters, Wien (http://www.rawmatters.at)