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16 Sep 2017

SIXFOLD at Pera – School for Performing Arts, Cyprus

Following and invitation of the Head of Dance at PERA – School of Performing Arts – GAU, Mafalda Deville, Elisabeth will share her work SIXFOLD with students from the university on September 18th 2017. Image: Karolin Kent

10 Sep 2017

First images of Desmōtēs in Nicosia, Cyprus

Last Thursday, 7th September 2017, Desmōtēs had its premiere in the amphitheatre of Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. The event was initiated by the Cypriot composer Andréas Papapetrou. First images of this phenomenal, one-of-a-kind event have now been published. Pictures: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation Initiation and musical composition: Andréas Papapetrou Costume and set design: Rea Olympiou Video art: Christos Symeonides Supported by: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation  

03 Sep 2017

Interview for ‘The Heroine’s Journey’

Peter de Kuster has invited Elisabeth to participate in his online – project ‘The Heroine’s Journey’. This project includes an interview which aims at inspiring people to pursue their passion in life. The full interview with Elisabeth can be read here: The Heroine’s Journey of Elisabeth Schilling

03 Sep 2017

SIXFOLD BODY workshop at DOCK 11, Berlin

On October 3rd, dancer and dance maker Elisabeth Schilling will give a workshop in her improvisation methodology ‚The SIXFOLD BODY’ at DOCK 11 in Berlin. This methodology introduces an approach into solo improvisation and composition: six different perspectives on the body inspire diverse movement impulses, which are in communication with each other and thus understand the body as a complex whole. Generally speaking, it introduces a set of six interrelated, variable and pragmatically-conceived layers: the architectural body, or the body […]

28 Aug 2017

SIXFOLD at Severis Foundation / CVAR, Nicosia, Cyprus

Elisabeth is very excited to have been invited by Rita Severis, the director of Severis Foundation, to perform her work SIXFOLD at CVAR, Centre of  visual arts and research. The performance will take place on September 1st at 8pm. More information on:

20 Aug 2017

New creation for Faneronemi 2017, Cyprus

Together with composer Andreas Papapetrou, Elisabeth has been comissioned by the Cypriot organisation BoCCF to create a new work for the annual festival Faneronemi. The piece called ‘Demotetes’ will premiere on September 7th in Nikosia.   Music and dance performance inspired by the collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and Cypriot folklore. During the performance, a video art animation based on geometrical motifs from the BoCCF’s collections will be projected on the set and directly on the […]

13 Aug 2017

Choreography for popstar

In the coming weeks, Elisabeth will choreograph on a british popstar. The project will be published in 2018. Photo: Julie Freichel

01 Aug 2017

SIXFOLD in Sjönevard

From August 1st – 10th Elisabeth will be in residency at Sjönevard Arts Centre. She will perform SIXFOLD at Rosenbergsfestivalen on August 5th and at Sjönevard Arts Centre on August 8th. Photo: Bohumil Kosthoryz

17 Jul 2017

SIXFOLD in Arendal

From 27th – 29th July SIXFOLD will be shown at Franje Festival in Arendal, Norway. The festival programme as well as details on times and places can be seen on the festivals homepage:

11 Jul 2017

SIXFOLD review from Aberdeen

Review of SIXFOLD following the performances in Aberdeen: ‘The moon on a string…A feeling of restraint and release, of emergence and rebirth. The movement took unexpected turns, from minimal to tentative starts to pushing boundaries and taking form in strength. With every limb hidden was a piece released in other forms. The music bursting to a crescendo and crushing on the back and shoulder of the dancer, releasing her in a way from the string and the planet engulfing her […]